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Published: May 22, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Vitality’s AWPer was awarded the MVP medal of the event
  • He performed admirably in the tournament, his rating not even dropping below 1.20
  • The victory and medal motivate the player to do more once CS2 drops

BLAST Paris Major concluded Vitality lifting the champions’ trophy above their heads and their AWPer Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut being awarded as the tournament’s MVP.

ZywOo Receives MVP Award

Every big CS:GO event finishes by rewarding the winners, and this includes acknowledging the best individual performers of the tournament. The BLAST Premier Paris Major is no exception to that rule, and with Vitality winning the last-ever CS:GO Major, the team’s AWPer Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut was crowned the event’s Most Valuable Player.

The 22-year-old Frenchman’s performance in the final match against GamerLegion, as well as his conduct throughout the whole tournament, landed him the medal for the MVP of the event. The AWPer delivered a stellar performance in the final, outshining competitors such as GamerLegion’s Ivan “iM” Mihai and his Vitality colleague Lotan “Spinx” Giladi to secure the MVP medal. The only one that could stay in ZywOo’s way to claiming the medal was Heroic’s Martin “stavn” Lund, but that prospect faded away as the Danish team lost to GamerLegion in the semi-final.

With a staggering 1.39 Rating and a massive impact round after round throughout the Legends and playoff stage, ZywOo certainly deserves the praise. His lowest map rating was still positive at 1.20 on Vertigo against Into the Breach, while his best one was also against the same team at 1.70. The 22-year-old player also topped the charts for KD-diff (+92) and Damage diff per round (23.3) while also showing superlative numbers in categories such as 86.7 DPR (#3), 54.2% of rounds with at least one kill (#2), and 1.47 impact rating (#2).

How Does ZywOo Feel about All of This?

The MVP medal was the young player’s first one, along with the victory at the Major. Naturally, this series of successes bring a lot of emotions to the player. In a post-match interview, ZywOo said that he still does not know how to describe the whole situation. We f*cking did it, we just won the Major, we just won the final, and I just want to see my family and hug them, kiss them, it’s because of them actually, because of my family and because of the fans around us,” the player was elated to say after the match.

ZywOo shared a few thoughts about his opponents, not just GamerLegion, but also other relative underdogs like Into the Breach and Apeks against whom Vitality had to play. “They beat good teams. They are really good individually, they are also good as a team, so it was kind of a trap because underdogs don’t feel the same pressure as us, we are the favorites,” the player explained. 

ZywOo is also famous for being born the same day the CS came out back in the year 2000. Because of this, fans have often joked about him being The Chosen One. Now that the young player helped his team win the last-ever CS:GO Major, these memes have seemed to become reality. When asked about this, ZywOo simply said “I am not thinking in this way. I am just playing with my team and enjoying every single moment with them, that is my mindset right now.”With CS transitioning into a brand new era this summer and Vitality and ZywOo climbing the ranks, it will be interesting to see what he and his team will do once the major overhaul of CS:GO drops.

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