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Published: August 24, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • A new version of the PlayStation 5 has been launched
  • It doesn’t include any significant updates other than improving on the console’s docking
  • The screw needed to connect the PS5 to the dock no longer requires a screwdriver

The new PlayStation 5 introduces a small yet helpful change to the console’s docking attachment system.

Sony Releases an Improved PlayStation 5 Model

Sony has released a new PlayStation 5 model on the market, featuring an improved docking attachment mechanism. The newer version will not introduce any other significant changes to the console’s specs or hardware but will still be helpful in other ways. 

The older version of the console requires one particular screw to be used to attach the PS5 to the dock. The PS5 most people are familiar with therefore requires a screwdriver to be attached to its stand. The small change removes the balky screw and replaces it with one that doesn’t need tools to be secured. 

The newly introduced screw is designed to be easier to use with no specialized instruments. It has a grooved grip that makes it a breeze to attach by hand. 

With the new model, PlayStation 5 users can safely attach the console to their docking stand without needing to use a screwdriver every time. This is a helpful quality of life upgrade, especially to people who often have to relocate their console.

The upgrade will affect both the standard PS5 and its lighter version, called the PS5 digital edition. 

As the New Models Get Shipped, PS5s May Become Easier to Find

PlayStation 5’s release was so eagerly awaited that it is hardly surprising that for a time, it was notoriously difficult to buy. Supply failed to meet demand, and many couldn’t get Sony’s new console. The console recently celebrated selling over 10 million copies, but it is still highly sought after. 

Despite the availability improving, some countries and regions still have difficulties with the supply. With the new model, however, people are expecting this to improve as it means more new units will be produced and shipped worldwide. 

Currently, the new PlayStation 5 model has been seen on sale only in Australia. Sony hasn’t spoken about the new model’s availability, but it will likely become available in more and more regions very soon as the units were shipped worldwide last week.

The new model is good news for all people who had been saving up for a PS5 but failed to get one because of the restricted number of units.  

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