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Published: March 6, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The hack has been plaguing servers for the past two weeks
  • It forces affected players to reload after every shot
  • This makes hackers almost invincible to automatic weapons

Apex players have been calling the “forced reload” hack that’s been plaguing servers recently, “worse” than aimbots and wallhacks, and Respawn is finally working to fix the issue.

The Hack Has Been a Menace These past Weeks

Cheating in games has existed ever since games were invented and will likely persist until humanity disappears. However, with the advent of online video games, players have often resorted to using various hacks and other modifications in order to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents. 

Apex Legends is not immune to this decades-long phenomenon, with the title having a sizable rabble of cheaters in the game who are craving to break the rules. These hackers have most recently found a new and annoying way to cheat in the game – forcing opponents to reload. 

The aptly named “forced reload” hack has already been spiraling out of control for the past two weeks. It causes affected players to reload after every accurate shot that connected with the hacker, giving the latter ample time to react and counterattack the unfortunate victim. This is an especially nefarious hack as, unlike things like aimbots or wallhacks that work on the hacker’s client side, the “forced reload” hack works on other players. This means it is more difficult to catch the cheater while reviewing their footage, as nothing is shown on their screen. 

A perfect example of this was shown by content creator gdolphn in one of their games. The clip clearly shows the player, who is using an automatic weapon, making contact with the hacker and being forced to reload each time:

Respawn Is Finally Working on the Problem

Apex’s developers have finally responded to the plights of the players and announced they have found a fix for the hack. According to a post by Respawn Entertainment security analyst Conor Ford, the remediative patch will come to live servers later this week. 

Until the update, players will just have to hope that they don’t meet a hacker in their games. The hack has already been called the worse not only because it’s more difficult to catch cheaters, as we explained above, but it’s also very difficult to outplay them. With this cheat active, hackers become almost invincible to automatic weapons.

If a player encounters this cheat, their most successful bet in defeating the hacker is using single-shot weapons. The Bocek bow, the Kraber, and other well-placed sniper shots are the counters, but the cheaters will cripple your ammo intake even if they’re defeated. With each reload, the hack also forces the player to drop ammo rounds, even ammo that doesn’t apply to the weapon you’re firing. 

Hopefully, this will soon come to an end with Respawn’s expected patch.

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