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Published: May 5, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Apex Legends’ ranked system will be revamped
  • This includes many changes that popular Apex player HisWattson both likes and dislikes
  • However, he reserves his final judgment for after when the patch rolls out

Despite arguing that the removal of entry costs for ranked games in Apex is a “huge step back”, HisWattson is excited about what the new season will bring. 

HisWattson Gives His Opinion

Fans are eager for the upcoming changes that Apex Legends’ Season 17 will bring starting next week. Many players, including popular Apex content creators, have already chimed in on the discussion about what the next big patch will bring. One of these is popular Apex streamer and FURIA star HisWattson, who had a few things to say about the game’s upcoming ranked overhaul.

Apex Legends will receive a huge update to ranked play next week, with the game getting a hidden matchmaking rating (MMR), along with many other changes. Furthermore, the older Ranked Points are being replaced with Ladder Points, which will work differently from the original system. 

Additionally, the entry cost of Ladder Points to enter ranked will be static, and scoring for placement will be consistent in every division. To compensate for this, bonuses will be applied to scores based on kills, assists, the caliber of opponents, and more. Said bonuses will be given to the entire squad based on their placement within the match.

HisWattson said recently he is very excited about the changes that Apex is receiving, however, he wanted to point out a few of the things he is not happy about. “There are some changes, I think, in there that were a couple of steps back,” he said and explained that he doesn’t quite like the fact that masters’ scaling doesn’t have an entry cost. 

“If that’s the case, that’s a huge step back. Why are we getting rid of that scaling entry cost? Why are we going back so many steps?” He argued that there should be an entry-level cost for Masters+, but the new system could work ok for Bronze to Diamond.

Despite this criticism, the player said that he likes 90% of all the new changes Season 17 is bringing, including the addition of the new legend Ballistic. HisWattson is even excited to see how the new ranked system will play out, despite disagreeing about the removal of scaling entry costs. Until the patch comes out and he sees how the new scaling works, HisWattson reserves his final judgment.

Apex Legends’ new patch rolls out on Tuesday, May 9.

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