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Published: March 9, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Mongolian CS:GO organization IHC announced its parting ways with Tengis “?sk0R?” Batjargal
  • This surprised many, considering the player and organization have been performing well 
  • The player said it was not his decision to leave

Tengis “?sk0R?” Batjargal leaves IHC exactly one year after he signed with the Mongolian side and less than a month before the team competes for a spot at the BLAST Paris Major.

IHC and Sk0R Part Ways

Mongolian CS:GO organization IHC recently announced that their rifler Tengis “?sk0R?” Batjargal is leaving the team.  The news comes as a surprise to many as the organization has been doing quite well in recent times, rising to prominence after defeating notable teams, even eliminating fan-favorite Cloud9 from IEM Katowice’s group stage last month. 

At the same event, the Mongolian team hit their peak 18th ranking and finished the event placing 9th-12th. IHC continued their steady rise in fame by advancing to the final qualifying stage for the BLAST Paris Major. They quickly became a favorite of the event and pushed through to CS:GO’s premier tournament from the Asia Regional Major Ranking tournament. 

Is IHC Beginning to Struggle?

The Mongolian organization has not revealed many details on what the future holds for the roster and who will replace sk0R. It’s also important to note that Bat-Enkh “?kabal?” Batbayar has taken time off earlier this year after becoming a father, remaining on the sidelines. Baatarkhuu “?Bart4k?” Batbold has taken his place on the lineup in the meantime.

But there have been bigger problems the organization has been facing recently, despite climbing the rankings. IHC came under scrutiny after founders of their main partner, the “Inflation Hedging Coin” (IHC) cryptocurrency, were arrested earlier in February. They now face “charges of misappropriating funds” and “laundering income earned by manipulating the market.” Naturally, this also tainted the Mongolian CS:GO team’s reputation. 

A week after the arrests were made, IHC released a statement denying any allegations made towards it. “We would like to categorically state that certain individuals have no involvement with our management and operation,” the statement reads, “and we deny these allegations in the strongest possible terms.”

The mystery of what’s going on inside IHC grows even more with a recent statement from sk0R himself, which he made shortly after it was announced he is leaving the organization. In an Instagram story, the player said it was not his decision to leave IHC. “It was full of good memories and experiences but never imagined to end up like this. Leaving is not my decision btw. Good luck fellas,” he wrote.

Whatever is going on in the organization, IHC has to get its things together if they want to win a spot for the upcoming BLAST Paris Major. The active roster currently looks like this:

  • Garidmagnai “?bLitz?” Byambasuren
  • Sodbayar “?Techno?” Munkhbold
  • Tuvshintugs “?Annihilation?” Nyamdorj
  • Baatarkhuu “?Bart4k?” Batbold
  • Bat-Enkh “?kabal?” Batbayar

Erdenedalai “?maaRaa?” Bayanbat (coach)

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