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Published: February 29, 2024

Written by: Barney

Fortnite is an absolute blockbuster. The game’s combination of open-world building, a constantly shrinking battlefield, and a high skill ceiling has made it an immediate hit. Yet, all of this has been served in an almost nonchalant fashion with a no-strings-attached attitude where a sniper can maw you down or a madman with a pipe could put an end to your attempt to be the last avatar standing.

To bring a semblance of order in the interminable chaos of Fortnite, Epic Games has come up with a Competitive Mode and Fortnite ranks that allow you to progress the pecking order and assert your dominance in the game. Today, we took a look at all Fortnite ranks in order, how they work, and what you can expect, including tips on how to rank!

How Fortnite Ranks Work?

Fortnite Ranks are assigned to players based on their match history. It seems that once you try to get yourself appraised and ranked, any previous (non-ranked) games you have played will contribute to the final decision and determine where you stand.

The ranking system is pretty much straightforward from that point on. After playing a qualifying match, you will be placed in one of the rank tiers. There are a total of eight such ranks that you can climb through. For the first tiers, you will note that each rank has a sub-tier – I-III.

This means that apart from breaking into a certain rank, you will also have to climb up through the individual tiers. To do this, you need to win games, which makes the game a little harder than you may expect. Since there can only be one winner in a game of Fortnite, the competition is fierce and a good many players will be on their toes trying to secure the coveted prize.

Yet, in a field of dozens of players, only one may emerge victorious. Now, this is not all, because Epic Games is aware that players cannot attain Fortnite ranks, and progression based on winning – that would be cruel. So, the rank progression is also based on player eliminations, placement, zones, damage given, and damage taken.

In other words, the harder you fight, the more the game will notice and bump you up. Surviving as the last few players standing is a great indicator that you are capable of progressing up the ranks and the game is going to appreciate this and award you.

All Fortnite Ranks in Order

Now that you know a thing or two about the ranks, it’s time to take a look at how Fortnite ranks are ordered. There are a total of eight ranks ranging from Bronze, as the lowest, to Unreal, as the highest. The first five ranks have tiers, which are used to further adjust the ranking and matchmaking system. The Fortnite ranks are as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

All of these five ranks have three additional tiers you can rank through, from I to III. They are used to further fine-tune and make sure that the ranking calibration is more optimized, so people are matched to their skill level for the most part.

The other ranks include Elite, Champion, and Unreal. All of these are a single tier, or in other words – you are either Elite, Champion, or Unreal, or you are not.

How to Level Up Your Rank in Fortnite

But how can you progress through the levels and reach the next level as it were in a game of Fortnite? This is an excellent question and one that deserves an answer. For the most part, Epic Games and Fortnite in general will consider two standout factors. One is eliminations – the highest valued ones.

The longer you live on, although don’t count on cowering in a corner for that, the more points you will gain in the overall ranking system. Being among the last people to be eliminated, or winning the game by surviving, is the clearest boost to your ranking momentum.

Next, there is the final placement that is considered. The final placement will be the second most important stat that Fortnite uses to determine whether you will rank up faster or slower. Placements are usually based on how well you have performed, too, so they are a credible way of ranking your performance in a game of Fortnite.

With this in mind, the best thing to do is to focus on actually making a more noticeable impact while you are still in the game and trying to be among the last surviving players. However, you cannot simply camp it out, rushing to the middle of the map and waiting there.

The game will not raise your rank if you end up among the last surviving players but have generated zero damage or scored zero kills. It’s a smart tweaking of the algorithm which will safeguard against common abuses.

How to Rank Up in Fortnite?

Now that you understand the game much better, it’s time to ask yourself how you can rank up and what you can do to contribute to making sure that you score better results across the board. As you can see, the ranking system in Fortnite is rather generous.

It doesn’t seem to discriminate, but rather to put everyone in their respective skill gap. This creates many opportunities for players to excel and improve themselves while not being suppressed by players who are much more skilled than they are. Interestingly, there are tactical as well as strategical elements to the gameplay. Here is what you can do to improve your chances of achieving better Fortnite ranks in order.

Early Game

The early game is important as you will want to collect weapons that you can use to score kills against players. Now, because competitive mode in Fortnite does away with the building element, the game is so much simpler, and it focuses on weapons, aiming and shooting accurately. Still, the early game should be about where you are heading, how to avoid being killed in a melee, and securing a few useful weapons you can leverage to your advantage throughout the game.

Where to Drop

We mentioned a tactical element to the game, and this is it. Every Fortnite game starts the same way – with you picking a drop location. It’s important to actively think about what you gain from dropping in a location, and perhaps even consider the competition. A good player doesn’t mind competition, though, as they are fairly certain they can overcome most foes in a game. Still, the choice of drop location is what is going to help you gain a toehold into the game early on.

Play Consistently

The best way to advance and strengthen your rank is to play consistently. It’s not just about ranking up or down, it’s also about making sure you have sufficient knowledge of the game to perform well. Shooting opponents need muscle memory and practice, and by playing consistently, you can develop both!

Seek Active Engagement

You want to be actively involved in fights in Fortnite if you are to rank up. Granted, you may not always get the better out of an exchange, but the game will rank you higher if you inflict damage, survive, and score kills. You need to get into the crucible of the ranking game as early on as you can because these players you meet in the lower tiers are just that – somewhat less skilled. If you can dominate them, you will come better prepared in the big game. Don’t worry about feeling a little out of place at the start, you are playing the long game, which is ranking up, and you may only do that if you get better.

Analyze Your Losses

The last and perhaps more important thing is to keep a positive attitude. You will be killed on more than one occasion, and this can feel like a bummer. Rather than going off on a tirade why the player who just killed you is “bad,” you may take a look at what they used to knock you out, how they did it, and how you may avoid it next time. This way you will develop the habit of learning from your mistakes and coming much better prepared for every game.

Fortnite Ranks FAQs

What are the ranks in Fortnite?

Ranks in Fortnite are a way to gauge the skill level and game prowess of each player. This way, players may be grouped and play against evenly-matched opponents.

How do Fortnite ranks work?

Fortnite ranks work by assigning points for performance and grouping people in skill levels, allowing them to get the best possible experience from every game session they play.

What is the highest rank in Fortnite? 

Unreal. Unreal is the single highest rank in the game of Fortnite, held by a fraction of the community and only a handful of players.

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