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Published: April 30, 2024

Written by: Barney

Esports are understandably popular in the United Kingdom. The nation is good at playing video games, competing in video games, and winning at video games. With a long tradition in esports, betting on esports is a natural continuation. Today, we take a look at the best UK esports betting sites.

We will bring you a list of the most trusted bookmakers that cover your favorite esports in the UK and beyond, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, and many others.

If you want to bet on more niche esports, you will be able to do just that as well, with markets available for FIFA and Call of Duty, among others. Let’s take a closer look at what the best esports bookies in the UK are.

Best Esports Betting Sites in the UK

We have looked at the majority of UK esports betting sites and shortlisted those that hold an official license from the UK Gambling Commission and operate as legitimate bookmakersin the market. This leaves us with some excellent esports bookmaker choices:

  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • William Hill

All of these esports bookies will offer you extensive coverage of esports events and matches. You will have the opportunity to place a wager at each of these bookies, and even keep them as the means to compare odds across different operators to always get the best possible results.

We will now take a closer look at each of the listed esports betting bookies to help you better understand what they bring to bear and why they may be of interest to you.


Betway is an early-day adopter of esports adopter. The bookmaker believes that esports betting is a vertical that should be explored on its own, and it has been offering esports markets for many years now. Betway has been investing in various events and sponsorship of esports teams and runs some of the best odds boosts for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments. Betway covers events such as the BLAST Series and Dota 2 The International regularly and brings you some excellent markets and well-priced odds.


Betway365 is a fantastic choice when you are looking to bet on esports. The company has a huge presence in global markets, and covers extensive esports selections making it a lot of fun for people to participate in. A great strength of the bet365’s offer is not just its competitive pre-game odds, but also the in-play features. This comes with a fantastic variety of events to bet on. Bet365 covers FIFA competitions (the video game) with some zeal, and there is always some market to place a wager on.

William Hill

William Hill is a good example of a traditional esports bookmaker that has decided to be a little more conservative towards the segment. Make no mistake, William Hill is an absolutely amazing bookmaker, with well-priced odds and definitely worth your while. They tend to cover fewer events on average, but offer slightly better odds on particular games, which is why we recommend keeping William Hill on your rotation of esports bookies in the United Kingdom. The bookie has clearly put in a lot of effort in crafting its esports markets, though, which is why fans will find value in betting here. is a bit of a unicorn esports betting site. It’s dedicated to building an outstanding offer that is fully-centered on esports and that comes with a few interesting depositing options. The company maintains a very high status in competitive esports betting markets, owing to its well-priced odds, variety of events to choose from, and excellent variety of pre-game and in-play markets. There are tons of props to pick from as well, which makes this one of the best esports betting sits in the UK indeed.

How to Pick UK Esports Betting Sites

To find a great esports betting site in the United Kingdom, you will have to follow the same steps we have. Our team of esports players and bettors has years of experience betting on the outcome of various esports games. We only recommend brands that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

In other words, you can fast-forward to our list of bookmakers that offer esports betting markets here at Esports Grizzly and just pick the sites that you think would suite you best. In the meantime, here is how our team chooses and pick an esports bookie for you.

License and Regulation

We hold license and regulation to be the most important condition for considering a website. We say considering because we don’t always endorse esports bookies in the UK just because they are licensed. No, we insist on this particular condition to be met so we know that there are sufficient customer protection measures in place and that consumers are always safe. A UK Gambling Commission stamp of approval is an absolute must.

Customer Support

We know that esports players are a very social lot. This is why we always study the customer support that a particular esports bookmaker in the United Kingdom offers. We expect customer support to be visible and available. Usually, this means availability via email and live chat. In some instances, though, esports bookies in the UK will go even a step further and make sure that they also offer support via social media.

Esports Market Variety

This is clearly a very important condition and something that needs to be met in full. Esports market variety will allow you to have more options to bet on and have more fun as you sift through the available options. Now, market variety means two things – game variety and actual bets that you can place. Both are important and both matters. Therefore, we expect sites to really step up their efforts in providing you with a decent variety of different bets and games & events to wager on.

Odds Fairness

Another similarly important matter is the fairness of the odds. We take an extensive look at many top-tiered esports bookies in the United Kingdom and compare them with the bookie we are reviewing to establish whether the odds are indeed in line with the expected probability. Fair odds are a slightly subjective matter – we understand this. However, there are clear signs when some odds may be under or overpriced for no particular reason and we make sure to skip such bookies or point this out when reviewing.

Transparent Terms and Conditions

Transparency is really important – on every level imaginable. This is why we expect from bookies to make sure that they subscribe to good standards for this. We previously used to review only bonus terms, but we really think this wasn’t enough. So, we made sure to also feature all other terms and conditions that the bookie offers. Esports betting is important, and it’s best enjoyed when there is an unfaltering commitment to being fair and a trusted partner.

Safety and Ease of Use

Safety and ease of use are equally important to use, as we want and expect from bookies to do right by customers. This is most often done when the sites are actually taking the extra effort in going through licensing processes. Of course, this being the United Kingdom, you may only play at a licensed website and not really pick any others. Another factor comes as the “ease of use.” Some bookies are just so much better at crafting user interfaces that will stick with you and make it simpler for you to enjoy.

Esports Betting Bonuses in the UK

Bonuses are different when it comes to esports betting. While some bookies still offer hefty promos, the most successful type of promotions are usually the free esports bets you can get in the United Kingdom. Many companies, including Betway, are leveraging odds boosters to create more interesting betting scenarios across the board and make it nicer to play all things considered.

Odds boosters and free bets are indeed the way to go, as they seem to be the unobtrusive type of bonuses that matter the most to esports bets. However, some betting sites, including, are even bolder. does not run any esports (or sports) bonuses at all. Instead, the site focuses on providing you with the best odds which makes it much easier and more rewarding to enjoy betting.

It’s an interesting trend and one that is true. Esports fans would much rather get the best odds than a bonus.

Mobile Esports Betting in the United Kingdom

Mobile esports betting is a thing in the United Kingdom. To put it this way, esports fans are keen to be able to bet with any device and from anywhere. This is why all esports bookies in the country have made the effort to tailor their experiences to modern esports fans who love to be able to bet anywhere they go. Esports bookies may offer you this mobile betting solution through a dedicated web design or mobile apps.

How to Bet on Esports in the UK and Win

If you want to bet on esports and win, we have a few pieces of advice for you. They are cut-and-dry rules to help you adjust your game in real-time and make the most out of your next esports wager.

Essentially, you need to pick a team that you really like. This is the first thing for any esports wager you intend to do – pick the teams you follow and have studied. Do not let preference for particular teams cloud your judgement.

If you know that the opponent team will win, or suspect they will and have good data to back it up, maybe you are better off betting against your favorite team. Remember to bet small amounts and never worry about placing big wagers.

Start with pre-game wagers and look for the best odds available to you across UK esports betting sites. Compare a few sites at a time and choose the one that offers you the best payout.

Final Word – UK Esports Betting Sites

The United Kingdom offers great many possibilities for esports betting fans. The nation does love to game and does love to watch esports. From there in, it’s a small leap to betting on esports, which many people in the United Kingdom already do.

Esports betting is big in the United Kingdom and, luckily, there are plenty of trustworthy betting companies that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that you can benefit from excellent and reliable betting markets around the clock.

If you are ever in doubt, just make sure to stop by Esports Grizzly’s list of trusted esports betting sites in the United Kingdom and check with our mini-reviews or full reviews to pick the brand that is right for you.

Esports Betting in the UK FAQs

Is esports betting in the UK safe?

Yes, esports betting in the United Kingdom is very safe. Players who are new to betting on esports will be advised to stick to trusted and licensed website to make sure they are protected.

Can I bet on esports legally in the United Kingdom?

Yes, you can bet legally on esports in the United Kingdom. In order to do so, you need to be 18. Players will have to verify their age and identity in most cases before they can place a bet legally.

What is the best esports betting site in the United Kingdom?

Betway and We feel these two websites bring you a great variety of options, odds boosters, promotions, and betting markets to choose from. We recommend that you have another look and see what other sites are available.

Can I bet on esports with an app?

Yes, you can bet on esports with an app. All websites we feature at Esports Grizzly have some option to bet via mobile – whether through your smartphone browser or through a dedicated mobile app.

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