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Published: January 24, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Victory Five has scored yet another LPL win after defeating Top Esports
  • The match opened with a Top Esports victory but Victory Five won the games to follow
  • It is yet to be seen whether Victory Five will be able to maintain its streak

Victory Five has won its third League of Legends Pro League match by defeating Top Esports.

Victory Five Scores Third Victory in a Row

True to its name, the esports team Victory Five has once again emerged victorious. With the LPL Spring Split ongoing, the organization’s team continues to score victories and is yet to be defeated.

Victory Five’s latest game put its players’ skills to the test against the competitors from Top Esports. Fans knew this was going to be one of the highlights of the LPL Spring Split and expected the game to be a close match. Despite this turning out to be true, Victory Five would settle for nothing less than a victory and eventually defeated Top Esports with a 2:1 result.

There were a lot of exciting moments. Top Esports fought valiantly and secured the first win but Victory Five were quick to regroup and strike back.  

Here is how the match went:

First Game

Top Esports opened the match with a strong bottom lane play by its athlete Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo. The player scored the first blood but didn’t manage to gain momentum. Instead, the game saw the two teams trade kills and gain roughly the same amount of gold. Top Esports managed to fall two dragons and get a Soul, while Victory Five got the Baron. By that point, no team had a clear advantage.

After securing the Elder Dragon and winning a fight near its pit, Top Esports advanced to Victory Five’s base and almost destroyed their Nexus. Victory Five pushed their opponents back for a while, with their home base left at only 55 HP.

In their desperation, Victory Five’s players tried to counter-attack the enemy but their assault failed, they were quickly scattered, defeated and subsequently had their Nexus destroyed, cementing Top Esports’ victory.

Second Game

Top Esports had to win one more game to be celebrated as victors but Victory Five wasn’t going to fall without a fight. Once again, the game opened with a fairly balanced play. Top Esports grabbed the first kill as they did before but Victory Five prevented its opponents from gaining further advantage. Victory Five’s jungler, Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan, earned his team two dragons but despite this, Top Esports continued to win teamfights. Even so, by that moment no team had a clear lead.

Karsa continued to be a key player and got his team the Chemtank Soul right when his teammates needed it. Thanks to his efforts, Victory Five managed to decimate Top Esports in a teamfight and marched on Top Esports’ Nexus.

Final Game

Top Esports tried to replicate the prior success of their early attacks but this time their plan failed, with Victory Five’s Guo “ppgod” Peng defeating two of the attackers. Ppgod followed his success with a second kill, grabbed the first dragon and gave his team a lead.

Top Esports never quite recovered from those losses. They lost objectives, lost team fights, lost the Baron, and eventually lost the game.

Despite their slow start, Victory Five had gained the edge and that helped it to completely decimate the opposition. Thus, the team remains undefeated. Whether Victory Five will be able to maintain this streak is yet to be seen.

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