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Published: December 5, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Dr Disrespect blasts the Esports Awards over Twitch streamers ban
  • The Esports Awards have been prompted to censor all Twitch banned streamers
  • Dr Disrespect is miffed at the way the organization ended the relationship

The Esports Awards and Dr Disrespect have parted ways over the streamer’s Twitch ban and the organization’s reliance on the streaming platform.

Doc and Esports Awards “Had a Good Run”

Dr Disrespect is a lot of things, but he certainly isn’t someone who is going to keep his mouth shut when he has been wronged. As a result, the streamer has cut all ties with the Esports Awards, an annual industry event that attracts quite a bit of buzz. Dr Disrespect, though, will no longer work with the organization, because of the Esports Awards’ decision to not show banned Twitch streamers.

While a lot of mystery surrounds why Dr Disrespect has been removed from the Amazon-owned streaming giant, he himself has not been afraid to take the fight to court. Commenting on his lawsuit against the streaming giant at the time, Dr Disrespect said: “we are going to sue the F out of them.”

His decision to sever ties with the Esports Awards comes after the organization had to censor banned streamers as Dr Disrespect is currently serving a permanent ban and his decision to take legal action is certainly not helping.  

Twitch Fallout Haunts Dr Disrespect

His latest comments come after he was asked whether he had ever received a distinction from the organization, to which he responded by arguing that he wanted nothing to do with the Esports Awards, although he still acknowledged that they “had a good run.” Dr Disrespect was nominated as one of the finalists for the 2021 Streamer of the Year Award.

In fairness, the Esports Awards has done right by Dr Disrespect putting his name on the list, but what seems to rub Doc the wrong way is that he won’t be able to be part of the event anyway. However, it’s not the Esports Awards’ fault to not give Dr Disrespect the limelight, as the organization must comply with Twitch rules.

Dr Disrespect was evidently miffed that the organization hurried to distance themselves from the respected streamer, without evidently establishing sufficient backline of communication which would have at least ended the relationship on an amicable note and explored alternatives. He cited the lack of social media mentions as one of the issues he had with the organization.

Dr Disrespect has shown a lot of grit. While some partners may have been a little too panicky to jump the gun, the streamer is confident enough that he had done nothing wrong, and he is taking Twitch to a court of law. Neither party has commented on why he was suspended in the first place.

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