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Published: April 21, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot Games is working on a visual and gameplay update for Udyr, one of League of Legends’ oldest champions
  • The team wants to take its time with the skins to best reflect the character’s backstory and personality
  • The reworked Udyr is expected to hit LoL in one of the next few months

Riot Games is taking its time with the Udyr rework as it wants to best reflect the character’s personality and backstory.

The Reworked Udyr Will Go Live in the Next Few Months

League of Legends has been around for more than a decade now. As such a long-lived game, Riot Games’ magnum opus has certain characters that have been falling out of relevance. To deal with that, the company has been striving to keep all of them updated.

Riot is currently working on a visual and gameplay update (VGU) for Udyr, one of the game’s oldest champions. The Spirit Walker was released back in 2009 when the game was still brand new and was in a dire need of a rework.

Riot Games allows players to vote on a character to be reworked once a year. This time, the fanbase picked Udyr and Riot obliged. While the company planned to roll out Udyr’s VGU in early 2022, it is probably going to be delayed by a few months.

The Dev Team Wants to Pour Its Heart into the VGU

In terms of visuals, Riot Games announced that Udyr’s base skin is now complete and the team is now working on a refreshed version of the Spirit Guard skin. The team shared that it really wants to take its time on this one, considering that it’s an Ultimate.

“One of the goals for Spirit Guard is to keep some of the essence of old Udyr, so to do that it will represent the time he spent training in Ionia, and will also use the same animals as pre-VGU Udyr (Tiger, Bear, Turtle, and Phoenix). We wanted Spirit Guard to immortalize his old animal forms, while also cranking them up to 11.”

The dev team backed its announcement with an early look at the said skin. Fans should stay tuned for more news about the eventual release of Udyr’s refreshed look and gameplay.

The next champion whose rework fans demanded is Skarner. The team has not yet had time to begin its work on it but has promised that the update of Aurelion Sol will come later this year.

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