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Published: May 31, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The streamer announced merchandise to celebrate her reaching a subscriber milestone
  • The set includes a porcelain mug, a hand towel, and stickers with a chibi version of Mumei
  • She will also take two weeks for a much-needed health break

Hololive English’s Nanashi Mumei revealed new merchandise to celebrate an important milestone and also announced she will be going on a hiatus from streaming due to health reasons.

Mumei Announces Merch and Break

Nanashi Mumei, the popular vtuber from Hololive’s English-speaking branch has recently announced new merchandise to celebrate her reaching a new subscriber milestone. Not long ago, the streamer marked 774 000 subscribers, the unorthodox number having a special meaning for her, as it is a play of words in Japanese because 774 can be read as “nanashi” in the language.

The new goodies include a porcelain mug, an “Angy TOWL Towel”, the second word being another wordplay with owl, the bird that serves as Mumei’s mascot, and a bonus sticker collection for fans who buy the whole set. All of these items are available on Geekjack, as well as the official Hololive Store, and will cost ¥2 200 ($15) for each of the items individually, or ¥4 400 ($30) as a set complete with the bonus stickers. Shipping is estimated for late November.

Unfortunately for fans of the popular vtuber, Mumei also announced she will be taking some time off broadcasting due to health reasons. She has been talking about taking a health break for the past few weeks, as she has been suffering from respiratory issues for a few months. They often surface as a persistent cough that regular viewers of Mumei’s streams would know quite well. The problems have compounded and have taken a toll on her vocal cords, and her singing streams are not working to ameliorate her condition.

Despite that, the streamer decided to force her vocal cords one last time before going on a health break by making a singing stream. She discussed the situation in her stream which used pre-recorded singing sections so as to not strain her voice too much. Many fans thanked Mumei for her dedication and wished her a fast recovery. 

Her regular viewers have known about her health issues for months and have urged her to take it easy. Hololive’s management has also advised the streamer to take a break, and after months, she has finally decided to go on a hiatus for two weeks to recover. While she is resting, Hololive fans can watch a plethora of other talents from the English, Japanese, and Indonesian branches of the vtuber agency.

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