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Published: November 2, 2021

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  • Twitch streamer makes incredible Yennefer interpretation
  • The cosplayer perfectly fits the character
  • The streamer’s previous Yennefer reincarnation

Twitch streamer Saira stuns people with incredibly accurate Yennefer cosplay, getting the artwork and look to the T.

A Time for Cosplayers to Show Off

Cosplayers always want to show off their latest creations, and the Halloween season is just the time to go that extra little bit further. Saira is a Twitch streamer who did a fascinating Yennefer from the Witcher cosplay. Yennefer is known by fans of the franchise as the sorceress that enchants Gerald, the eponymous Witcher.

“She smelled of lilac and gooseberries,” Saira wrote on her Twitter post about the cosplay, citing Gerald’s words. A large part of Witcher 3’s storyline revolves around the protagonist trying to reconnect with Yennefer. The player has the potential to help the white-haired Witcher to achieve this. However, the outcome of the relationship depends on what decisions the player has taken.

Saira Stuns People with Incredibly Accurate Yennefer Cosplay

What sets this cosplay apart from others, however, is the resemblance of both the cosplayer and the costume to the in-game design. The streamer already has the bonus of having the raven-black hair of the type Yennefer has. The overall look is added to with the use of purple contact lenses, to match the character’s memorable eye color.

Saira did not forget to add detail to the costume as well. Yennefer’s arm tassels and necklace have also been painstakingly recreated to fit the overall impression and make it as close to the game original as possible. Fellow streamers and cosplayers have responded to Saira, leaving cheeky comments praising the costume.

This is actually not Saira’s first interpretation of the character. Last year she posted another Yennefer cosplay, which the streamer featured in a pinned tweet. The more daring and provocative cosplay gathered more than 37 thousand likes and a multitude of comments praising Saira.

A cheeky caption saying “yennefer isn’t real but I am” accompanies the pictures. Perhaps in the future, we will be seeing even more cosplays from the streamer.

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