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Published: November 4, 2021

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  • Popular Twitch streamer xQc point out what his biggest issue about some Twitch collabs is
  • He explains that a more “organic” approach is needed when doing things with other content creators
  • He says he would rather quit streaming if he does not have genuine interactions with streamers and viewers

xQc explains to his viewers what he thinks about some Twitch collaborations and how many of them seem “manufactured”.

What Do You Do When Your Viewers Are Demanding Collaborations?

If you’re familiar with popular Twitch streamers, then Felix Lengyel, a.k.a xQc might ring a bell. Popular content creators are constantly asked by their community to do collaborations with other big names, and xQc’s 9 million-strong following is no exception.

The Canadian former Overwatch pro turned full-time streamer has usually been happy to collab with other content creators, yet in a recent stream he shared his thoughts on some types of people who attend Twitch events.

The Streamer Explains His Views on Most Set-up Twitch Events

xQc explained to his audience, watching him in his stream on November 1 that some events seem too “manufactured” and suggested that he prefers when relationships between streamers happen more naturally.

A Twitch clip summarizes his opinion on some collaborations. In it xQc explains that oftentimes streamers who are not accustomed to one another or are not friends off Twitch seem to fight for “camera time”. “Everybody is just, like, fighting, people are going to fight for the spotlight. I won’t fight,” he explained.

He went on to elaborate that streamers often focus on simply getting their joke or reference across, without regarding the conversation going on. This has happened even in events hosted by his friends.

Regarding Twitch events, he stated that although he enjoyed many of them, he has mixed feelings about the type of content that gets made during each of these events. xQc explained that he prefers it when things flow more smoothly and naturally and don’t have the feeling of being “manufactured”. “Maybe I’m more old-school, I like a natural flow of things when it comes to content.”

Stream Until There Is No More Fun Things Left to Do

xQc has been a somewhat controversial figure in the past few years. Being banned for playing games with inappropriate content and stream sniping another player during a Fall Guys Twitch Rivals competition, he has his shares of questionable decisions. Despite this, he has a stable community behind him.

Recently, however, he stated that he has the monetary and personal possibility to quit streaming at any time he wants if he does not feel like he’s doing his best. “If I don’t have the passion, how can I translate that passion to people? I don’t want to make them watch something that I don’t feel like doing. It’s almost like I’m scamming people,” he explained.

Regardless of his past mistakes, it seems that xQc values genuine interactions with both other content creators and his audience, and would not stream if he does not feel like he’s doing this for real.

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