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Published: August 23, 2021

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  • Asmongold continues to follow World of Warcraft with the latest finding about the WoW’s active population shocking the streamer
  • The streamer said that developers will really have to work hard to get those numbers back and provide a quality product
  • As it turns out, the company lost 50% of its population in-between patch 9.0 and 9.1 which is mind-blowing

Asmon has reacted to the news that WoW subscriber numbers have dipped below 2 million, making it the lowest player count in a while.

WoW Has Lost 50% of Its Population in a Few Months – Ouch!

A popular gamer’s saying goes “Is this real life?” and it accurately summates the reaction Asmongold, a popular MMORPG streamer and huge World of Warcraft fan had when he found out by how much the popular MMO’s player base has collapsed since July 4.

In a recent Twitch stream, Asmon looked up a Bellular Gaming video that provided a lot of insight into the state of affairs in Azeroth. The population has been in steady decline for some time now, but Bellular was the one to find out by how much, which caused Asmon to lose his mind.

The overall population has been reduced by 50% between patches 9.0 and 9.1 to which Asmon simply reacted “What the f—k!” Asmon, though, kept his high spirits and argued that WoW was just faced with various other competitors, which made it harder to compete for players’ attention.

To put simply, there are many other games and entertainment products people can experience in a hurry. It’s not the same as years back when World of Warcraft was the lone power to reckon with. He also suggested that there are a lot better games these days and it’s easier for people to just try those instead.

Asmon Hasn’t Lost All Faith, But Fans Might Have

However, he was genuinely taken aback by the numbers. He didn’t say that was the end of WoW by a long stretch but acknowledged that the game will have to make a concentrated effort to get its subscriber base back.

If players start coming back, that is still a good sign, but for that to end up being the case there will be challenges in the road up ahead. Asmongold wasn’t very optimistic about the current work developers have been putting in.

According to him, developers have really slipped with fans, and winning the millions of players back would be a challenging task, to say the least. Blizzard has faced many issues of late, and Asmon himself even suggested in a recent stream that WoW Classic may be coming back for a fresh start.

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