Wild Rift is one of the most popular MOBA games available to players today. It was developed by Riot Games as a direct mobile successor of League of Legends, and a challenge to similar games, such as Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Honor of Kings in the Asian gaming region. Today, we bring you a breakdown of the best Wild Rift betting sites and what they have to offer.

We have examined a number of brands that bring competitive markets for this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Before you place your first Wild Rift bet, though, we recommend reading the rest of this article to understand the Wild Rift esports scene and betting options a little bit better.

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Top Wild Rift Betting Sites in 2023

Wild Rift is one of the leading choices for esports enthusiasts who love mobile gaming and also love placing a bet. Today, we bring you a number of excellent websites that cover the biggest Wild Rift tournaments, betting markets, and overall options to have a great time.

  1. Cloudbet – Cloudbet is one of the best websites if you are looking to bet on the outcome of Wild Rift esports markets. Players are free to not just access some of the most competitive odds but also enjoy crypto betting with Bitcoin and a number of other currencies.
  2. Pinnacle – Pinnacle is another outstanding esports betting site that will bring you competitive play and some of the best esports wagering opportunities on the outcome of Wild Rift events. The Riot Games mobile MOBA is covered extensively here, providing you with excellent gaming opportunities across the board.
  3. – Rivalry is the world’s biggest endemic esports betting brand and yes, it features, some of the best Wild Rift betting markets to check out yourself. Players who are new to betting will find Rivalry to offer a range of Wild Rift betting markets that are fair, worthwhile, and bring you some of the best esports odds.

Wild Rift Tournaments and Where to Bet

Before you place your first wager, you will probably want to know what Wild Rift tournaments and events there are. This is important and it will help guide you along the way as you seek to explore some of the best gaming options yourself. Players who are new to the experience will be happy to know that there are tons of esports betting markets for League of Legends Wild Rift.

Riot Games is working very closely with organizations such as ESL to ensure that Wild Rift develops rapidly and its competitive scene – remains vibrant. Riot Games is known for prioritizing organic growth over artificially amping up esports for a particular game, and this is good news as Wild Rift has a solid player base of competitively-minded players and fans.

Besides ESL, there is also the Wild Rift Tour and the Wild Rift World Championship which are the crowning events of the game. There are also regional leagues to speak of and the game is gaining popularity in both the West and places such as Southeast Asia, where Wild Rift is competing outright against Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

There are many other LoL Wild Rift betting events that you can explore in full and place a wager on. For the time being, though, it suffices to say that should you register or at least follow the best Wild Rift betting sites, you will have a very good idea of what is coming next.

How to Choose the Best League of Legends Wild Rift Betting Site

Players who are new to the game may feel a little overwhelmed when looking to pick a betting site at first. Don’t worry as there is an easy way to find the ones that actually provide you with the most worthwhile options. There are numerous esports betting sites that accept Wild Rift wagers, but the best will have some things in common.

#1 Regulated Websites of Good Repute

The first thing to look into in any Wild Rift betting site is to make sure that it is regulated and trusted. We bring you a number of brands that are listed directly on this page and guarantee licensed Wild Rift betting experiences. You can check for a license yourself by simply looking at the website’s footer for the necessary license number as well.

#2 Full Coverage of Wild Rift Events and Tournaments

To pick a great Wild Rift betting site you need to make sure that the site covers sufficient coverage of the top tournaments and events. Now, there are many such websites already available and you will have no trouble whatsoever choosing a fitting bookmaker. Wild Rift esports is dynamic, but so are the best betting sites that cover the game, meaning that you will have the opportunity to place a wager in a safe and trusted environment.

#3 Competitive Odds and Great Markets

To make the most of any Wild Rift betting, you will definitely have to look around for the best odds and betting options. To get there, all you need to do is to just compare the available fixtures on several websites at the same time and see which odds are actually more beneficial to your gameplay. OddsGecko can help you sort this out as well.

#4 Commitment to In-play Wagers and Betting Options

In-play wagers can provide you with fresh opportunities to enjoy yourself. Do explore the opportunity to do so but keep in mind that live betting is a much more dynamic form of gambling and one that you will definitely need to explore if you are looking to max your potential winnings from Wild Rift, but also – assume a little more risk.

#5 Excellent Customer Support

Yet another factor we take into serious consideration is whether the Wild Rift betting sites we recommend have great customer support. We have tested the customer support at each listed brand on our website extensively to provide you with the most reliable information about each brand and justly so. We are happy to say that the sites that you find here will bring you 24/7 live chat and email support.

#6 Clear and Trustworthy Bonus Options

We don’t hold bonuses to be that relevant or important for your next Wild Rift wager, but they do still help. This is why we expect websites to have clear and understandable terms and conditions for their bonuses and promotions, making for a fun and worthwhile experience across the board.

What Type of Wager Can You Bet on Wild Rift?

There are many different types of wagers you can place on Wild Rift. We are happy to guide you through some of the core ones, which will help you participate in Wild Rift betting in a meaningful and satisfying way.

  1. Match winners – Match winners are the simplest type of bet that you can place on a game of Wild Rift. Essentially, what you are doing here is taking a chance on who will win a game. This is fairly easy as all you need to do is pick one team and just back them up at the given odds.
  2. Totals – Totals are an interesting type of market that can refer to many things about the game itself. For example, you can have totals on the total games that will be played in a series of Bo3 or Bo5. Is the series going to end after only two or three games, will there be more or fewer than X kills in the game, and so on?
  3. Props – If you really want to take your knowledge of Wild Rift betting to the next level, the best way to do this is to take a look at the props or proposition markets. These markets are built on a simple premise where you try to guess a specific outcome of the game.

For example, which team is going to slay Baron first, how long the game is going to last, and which team will draw First Blood? These are just some of the example bets that you can bet on the outcome of Wild Rift events.

Wild Rift Betting Tips

Before you head into your first Wild Rift betting market, we strongly recommend considering some of the options available to you in terms of betting tips and knowledge. If you are new to Wild Rift and especially betting, you will find these pieces of advice to do the trick and help you really get a good read of the game and competitive scene. Let’s check it out.

#1 Bet on the Best Teams in the Competitive Circuit

Find out the best Wild Rift esports teams and bet on them, and remember – Wild Rift esports teams will evolve from one season to the next. This means that you cannot expect one team to perform consistently well across the different leagues and seasons. It’s possible, but the game is very dynamic and many more players are entering it rapidly.

#2 Anticipate Seasonal Changes for Each Event

Each event and season will be different – this will have a huge impact on the overall gameplay. In other words, players need to brace for a variety of scenarios in which teams tend to perform differently (whether due to patch changes or internal struggles).

#3 Play and Follow the Game Yourself

The best way to actually have a great time betting on the outcome of esports betting events on Wild Rift is to play the game yourself. Learn more about the game by doing and following streamers and forum discussions. Don’t just like Wild Rift teams – understand what makes them perform well or the opposite.

#4 Stick to the Best Wild Rift Betting Sites

There are many benefits to sticking to the top League of Legends Wilf Rift betting sites. Among those is access to the most competitive odds, customer support, and market variety. There are also the best Wild Rift betting promos to scoop up. Placing wagers on the best possible odds is definitely a great way to enjoy yourself.

#5 Remember to Bet Small Amounts at First

Remember, there is no need to front a lot of esports bets at the same time. The betting experience is not just about trying to make money – but having fun. Focus on getting the outcomes right, not so much on betting money. In fact, you can even place bets for yourself without staking any money to just see if a selection you hand in mind would check out.

Wild Rift Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns and develops League of Legends: Wild Rift?

Riot Games. Riot Games has created a unique version of its popular MOBA game, League of Legends, for mobile. The game is a hit in East Asia today and it’s one of the most beloved esports betting options as well.

Is it legal to bet on Wild Rift events and tournaments?

Yes, it’s completely legal to bet on Wild Rift. However, you need to be the legal gambling age which will range from 18 to 21 depending on your age. Players can place on all Wild Rift betting options provided they are of the legal gambling age.

What is the best esports betting site for Wild Rift?

Pinnacle and Rivalry are currently considered some of the best esports betting sites for Wild Rift contests. We strongly recommend checking out, and as well as these two.

How to spot Wild Rift legal betting sites?

The best way is to always verify the Wild Rift betting website license at the specific regulator they are licensed – whether this is the United States, Canada, Europe, or somewhere else. You can always pick from one of the websites we recommend to you but keep in mind that some sites may not be licensed in your jurisdiction just yet.

This does not mean that they are not legal, just that they are not available in your jurisdiction under a recognized license.

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