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Published: June 1, 2021

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  • League of Legends: Wild Rift patch will arrive a day later than expected, with v2.3 hitting servers on June 2
  • The patch was supposed to arrive today, but it had to be delayed with Riot Games forgetting to refresh the patch schedule page
  • V2.3 will bring a host of new features, including tighter social gaming opportunities, four new heroes, and more

Riot Games is dropping Wild Rift v2.3 a day after originally planned, with the update bringing a host of excellent new features! 

Wild Rift Delayed Patch Causes Confusion 

League of Legends: Wild Rift will welcome a new patch on June 2, with version 2.3 of the game hitting mobile devices. The patch was originally expected to hit the build today, but game communications lead, Ben Forbes, said that the release had been pushed back by another day while Riot Games sorts out last-minute wrinkles.

Community members were confused, though, because the patch schedule page continued to display June 1 as the date of release, with Riot forgetting to refresh the dates, it seems. Forbes apologized for the minor faux pas and said that the company would make sure to stay on top of such discrepancies moving forward. 

Wild Rift v2.3 is important as it will introduce a slate of new developments for the League of Legends mobile alter-ego. There will be four new champions hitting the game environment, a brand-new event, and other features, along with the accompanying cosmetics.

The update is bringing a bunch of balance improvements, which will give players equal footing in upcoming games. One of the update’s highlights is the Broken Blades event, and Riven and Irelia will be launching as part of the game’s hero pool moving forward. 

All champions will be unlockable for free, but Lucian and Senna will not release immediately. Instead, you will be able to access them a little later in the game, following the patch going live. To spice things up a little on the social front, a new “close friends feature” will be coming.

Building a Social Experience in Wild Rift 

This way, you can add up to 20 people in various lists, such as Best Buds, The Might of Family, Perfect Partners, Inseparable Allies, as a way of building more connections with your online friends. Close friends will be able to share champion pools when playing versus the game or joining matches against others. 

Riot Games is seeking to encourage closer ties between players who may be interested in teaming up, share their champion pools, and level through the rankings as a team. Based on the latest data published by data company, Wild Rift has around 3.7 million average monthly users, with peak times hitting around 151,000 players. The game also ranks #83 on Twitch in terms of hours watched. 

Wild Rift was inspired by the original game, that is League of legends. The game is a way to fight back against companies that have tried stealing the look and intellectual property of the company to build similar products but for mobile devices. Back in 2018, Tencent won a lawsuit against Moonton Technology, the creator of Mobile Legends. 

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