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Published: December 2, 2021

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  • Blizzard recently released an Experimental Card update to Overwatch
  • It features suggestions from various content creators
  • Super shares his opinion on it and Overwatch’s overall state

Popular content creator super makes an emotional monologue addressing Overwatch’s current state.

Super Shares His Opinion on Overwatch

Matthew “super” DeLisi, the San Francisco Shock main tank, is well known for his impressive clutch plays and fun streams. He recently expressed his opinion on the state of Overwatch.

On November 30 Blizzard released an Experimental Card which was created by putting suggestions from popular content creators into the game. The goal is to have something more entertaining rather than balanced or functional.

Despite this, super had some opinions to share with his viewers. “It’s so easy to pump some life into this game. Why have they abandoned it?”, he said.

“They’re leaving [the game] to die for Overwatch 2,” said super to his viewers, before continuing that he is waiting “with my thumb up my ass while I’m waiting for Blizzard to give me something with Overwatch 2.”

Rumors about Overwatch 2 are still floating around, however, the Overwatch League will still be played on an early build of the sequel when it kicks off in April 2022.

Blizzard’s Lackluster Updates

Blizzard has been through a lot this year. With scandals and controversies ranging from sexual misconduct at the workplace to CEOs hiding evidence, the company has had many of its projects delayed. With this comes a frying up of the content for Overwatch. The last experimental update was on October 21, and the latest update to the game was on July 29. Everything else was limited to just small updates.

Perhaps the most notable update in the last few months was the changing of McCree’s name to Cole Cassidy, and also the introduction of a new Deathmatch map. McCree’s name change was done with the intent of removing former Blizzard employee references from the game, as they were one of the accused ones for sexual harassment at the workplace.

Some parts of the Overwatch community will not be satisfied until they see comprehensive changes to live servers and competitive modes. However, super seems to be enjoying Blizzard’s chaotic Experimental Card update. “This is the most fun I’ve had playing Overwatch in forever,” he said. “I’m telling you guys, it’s so easy to keep this game rolling, but they just don’t do it for some reason. Why?” 

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