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Published: October 24, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • DMZ is one of the most favorite Call of Duty game modes
  • Support for it will remain once Modern Warfare III is released
  • The devs should reveal more information on the subject before the start of MWIII’s Season 1

Call of Duty fans will be glad to hear that DMZ, the free-to-play PvE mode that offers a more casual experience, will still be supported on Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, Vondel, Building 21, and Koschei Complex.

DMZ Will Remain

Modern Warfare III’s launch is coming closer and Activision keeps promising this will bring Call of Duty into a new age. The remake of the popular FPS from 2011 will implement a lot of new things, from game mechanics to cosmetics, but many questions also still remain.

One of these is the destiny of DMZ, the free-to-play PvE mode that offers Call of Duty players a more casual experience than multiplayer. Considering Warzone is also about to receive a big update following MWIII’s release, many fans are wondering what will happen to DMZ after the game is released.

Fortunately for fans of the game mode, DMZ will still be supported on a few maps, as it became clear from a tweet from the official COD profile a few weeks ago. “We’re excited to share that we will continue to support the DMZ Beta. Players will have continuing infiltration opportunities for Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, Vondel — as well as Building 21 and Koschei Complex,” the post reads.

However, it should be noted that DMZ will not be added to Warzone’s new Urzikstan map or any future maps. Instead, Warzone will receive the new open-world Zombies mode, which blends zombies and DMZ, complete with tasks to fulfill, illicit weaponry, and extraction features.

It is still unknown what this “support” will actually provide with the devs stating there will be more information released ahead of Season 1. Considering MWIII’s newest season might start on December 6, the day that Modern Warfare II’s Season 6 concludes, there is still a lot of time before Activision provides information on the matter.

Despite the current lack of details, at least fans can be sure that their favorite game mode will still remain active once the new game is released. This sentiment cannot be shared by mobile gamers, as CoD Mobile will be removed once Warzone Mobile launches next year.

One last thing that should be noted is that DMZ could have a resew when MWIII releases. Considering there will be new guns, maps, and other changes, it would be the perfect setting for a season reset, allowing players to start on equal footing. That being said, this has not been confirmed yet, so keep tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

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