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Published: October 17, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • LoL has always had some issues with matching different champions against one another
  • However, one particular pair is statistically the worst matchup
  • Players should note this when playing one of these two champions next time

Rioter GalaxySmash revealed in a recent discussion which champion has the worst matchup against which other character.

Players Discuss Champ Matchups

With 165 different champions currently in League of Legends, there are thousands of different permutations that a game’s composition can look like. There is almost anything for everyone in terms of aesthetics and playstyle, as the large number of characters gives players a ton of options to choose from.

However, the huge variety of champions also poses several challenges in front of both players and the dev team as well. A big part of learning how to play League of Legends is figuring out how different champions interact with each other as some can easily counter others. For players, this is obviously important, as it could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Meanwhile, for game devs it could be a real headache to balance the champions so that some do not completely obliterate others. This is why LoL devs change them in every patch, and here you can read which champions will be buffed or nerfed in Patch 13.21, which will be released next week.

Despite all the game’s devs’ efforts, things are often far from perfect and there are some matchups that feel almost unwinnable. This has often been a point of discussion for many players as they try to figure out ways to counter said counters if they end up playing against them by any chance.

Players have been wondering which matchup is the worst, which was the theme of a recent Reddit thread on the LoL subreddit. “What was the worst matchup you can remember? What champion, when facing a specific other champion do you think has the lowest chance of winning?” the post asked a simple question.

Naturally, there were many responses, with over 1.2 thousand comments under the post at the time of writing of this article. However, one comment is perhaps the most valuable one to answer the question, as it comes from a primary source.

Rioter GalaxySmash tuned into the discussion and said whitch matchup has it worse. “Statistically it’s Malphite versus Sylas,” their answer reads. “It’s actually 3 of the 4 worst matchups in the game: Malphite v Sylas Top Malphite v Sylas Mid Malphite v Sylas Jungle.”

Unfortunately, there is currently no information if Riot plans to address this issue soon, so bare in mind that Sylas has a great chance of demolishing you if you go up against him.

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