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Published: February 25, 2022

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  • Weibo Gaming is set to take out Oh My God in LPL Spring Split Week 6 on Saturday
  • OMG’s is given very long odds to make a dent, but as usual, we will be exploring a Totals option
  • If you feel lucky today, putting a bet to win the series on OMG could yield great results however unlikely this event is

Weibo Gaming has been on a roll. The team has posted a near-perfect score so far with the squad winning eight out of their nine played series. Team Oh My God is in a tighter spot as they rank #9 in the seed and have a decent track record, nevertheless. Only one team may walk victorious and this seems to be Weibo but the odds do create some value for those of you who are looking to bet on the series extending to three games.  

Weibo Gaming vs Oh My God Odds (Feb 26, 2022)

  • Weibo Gaming: 1.12
  • OMG: 5.50

Weibo Gaming vs Oh My God Date & Stream

  • Date: Saturday, February 26
  • Time: 11:00 + 2 GMT
  • Watch: Twitch

Weibo Gaming Betting Preview (Feb 26, 2022)

Weibo Gaming have sealed some watershed victories pulling ahead in the upper-tier of the LPL Spring Split 2022. The team is currently sitting at an 89% win rate, matched by only one other team in the split, to wit Victory Five. Just like V5, Weibo Gaming will be aiming to complete the Spring Split with a near-perfect record, an ambition that will now take the team through Oh My God.

Weibo has played very convincingly, most recently taking on LNG Esports and sealing the series with 2-1 as we predicted. Weibo has shown immaculate performance against Ultra Prime in Week 5, but more importantly, the team defeated Edward Gaming in what is immaculate fashion early last week, dethroning Edward Gaming from their prime spot.

Oh My God Betting Preview (Feb 26, 2022)

Oh My God is coming into the series with what is diplomatically described as “realistic expectations.” This is not a fair assessment of the work the team has been putting in, but playing the top seed after six weeks of intense to’s and fro’s.

So, what’s the best OMG may hope for? OMG could potentially pry away a single victory and we believe as much based on the team’s performance so far. Even though OMG has been repeatedly struggling to emerge victoriously but this has not stopped the team from actually doing well and securing 14 games out of 26 played.

In fact, they have played some of the most games in the series, precisely because they have been repeatedly putting up fights. There are some chinks here to speak of. OMG lost to Ultra Prime, which is a lower seed. They would need to play exceptionally well to make sure they manage to take a single game on Saturday.

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