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Published: August 26, 2021

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  • A new type of CoD: Warzone hacker has emerged – the speed cheater
  • Speed hackers are now slowly encroaching on Call of Duty’s battle royale
  • Some experienced players have been able to shoot down the hackers

Speed hacking is now a thing in Call of Duty: Warzone and people aren’t happy. Here is the latest daredevil disrupting the war effort.

Call of Duty Hackers in Warzone Add Speed to Chaos

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 is officially here and it has come with many new bells and whistles, including the EM2 AR and the TEC-9 SMG which have kept most players happy. However, the game has been fighting a wave of hackers that have prompted a mass exodus to alternative titles, such as Apex Legends. Even bans aren’t able to stop hacking or keep it to a minimum, it seems.

While hackers were somewhat modest in the old day, and they would only rely on aimbots or transparent walls to gain a competitive edge, they have become bolder. A new type of hacker has plagued the Warzone battlefields with a speed hacker now wreaking havoc and using unlimited dashes to gain an unfair and game-breaking advantage over opponents.

Reports about the hacker have been flooding the CoD Warzone sub-Reddit with disgruntled members of the community urging developers to take action. A small squad of combatants was first to encounter the deadly opponent who was spotted looting garages.

Quickly regrouping to respond to the threat, the players were then surprised to find out that it has taken the opponent only an instant to get behind them and slaughter them all without any chance to respond.

Hacking: The Never-Ending Saga of Call of Duty

The news about a new speed hacking cheater has spread like a wildfire only compounding the issue with hacking in Warzone. The community has cried out against these game-ruining experiences time and again and developers have been trying to follow through imposing numerous ban waves, restrictions on hardware for cheaters who mess with the game’s physics, and more.

However, with a population of over 100 million players, Call of Duty: Warzone is the best that is difficult to steer. It’s nevertheless no excuse to let game-breaking hack spread with such, as it were speed.

Most community members have been rightly miffed but some teams have banged up to take down the nasty hacker. Natasha, a popular streamer, managed to shoot down the speeder by simply predicting the direction they would end up heading out for.

While shooting down hackers can be a lot of fun for a highly experienced Call of Duty player, the rank and files in Warzone are surely a little dispirited at having to deal with so many cheaters all at once.

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