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Published: December 12, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Fans have been complaining of Warzone 2’s very fast TTK
  • They singled out two guns that are contributing a lot to the problem
  • It seems this issue has been long-standing and has only gotten worse with recent updates

The Bas-B and MTZ Interceptor have been singled out as the two most broken guns in the current Warzone 2 meta as they have “crazy” fast time to kill (TTK).

Fans Want Nerfs

When CoD: Modern Warfare 3 was released, it was integrated together with Warzone and many fans were excited to dive into the new Urzkistan map as it would give a new experience to the battle royal shooter. However, the change did not come with its fair share of issues and players are complaining. These can range from cheaters infesting servers to multiple bugs ruining games.

However, the latest complaint by fans seems to be the “crazy” fast time to kill (TTK) in the newest update. Players are simply unable to respond when they are attacked and this has caused many to call that some weapons need to be nerfed.

Two of the frontrunners that fans want to be nerfed are the Bas-B and MTZ Interceptor. The former’s TTK has been measured in at around 580 m/s in gunfights up to 40 meters away. This was demonstrated well in a video on Reddit, showing a player down multiple enemies with the gun in very fast succession. “It’s so overpowered it’s laughable,” one comment reads. “They need to fix the whole TTK. It’s as if you aren’t even wearing plates lol,” another one does.

Although every game has some kind of meta, these weapons seem like they go a bit overboard. Many agree that if left unchecked, they will reign supreme on the battlefield. “I know the game is still fresh but everyone and their mother is going to start running these 2 weapons within this week if it hasn’t started already,” reads another Reddit post that dives further into the problem and gives some more data about the weapons’ fast TTK.

“The Interceptor may be more of a skill weapon because it’s single shot and uses sniper ammo, but with a backpack and so many ammo boxes being attainable that’s not really an issue. Plus it’s not that hard of a gun to use even for average players,” the post reads.

“The BASB, on the other hand, literally excels in every single range over any other weapon, maybe minus long range and it’s still good at that. What’s the point in running any SMG when the BASB absolutely shits all over anything within 35 meters? Plus it uses AR ammo which is easy to find and has a 45 round mag.”

However, it seems fast times to kill have been a problem for the game for a lot longer. A few weeks ago, popular content creator TimTheTatman criticized Warzone 2’s gunplay, saying it is way too fast. It seems that the Bas-B and MTZ Interceptor have only worsened the phenomenon when they were introduced in the game.

Unfortunately, the devs have not talked much about the issue, so it’s likely players will still have to wait more time before ethe issue is fixed.

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