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Published: August 31, 2021

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  • Some Warzone players have called on developers to allow them and acquire some of the now bygone skins
  • The community has been split on the idea, citing successful examples, but also raising a few cautionary remarks
  • Some people fear that making previous skins available would cheapen their efforts while others welcome the idea

Prancing around as John McClane or Rambo in Warzone is some players’ dream, but those skins are now long gone – or are they?

Warzone Skins Are in High Demand, Can Players Get the Old Ones?

Warzone players have long shown appreciation for the game’s fantastic skins. If anything, selling cosmetics has been one of the game’s biggest money-makers but not everyone is happy. If a player has joined too late, they might have missed out on Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo or Bruce Willis’ John McClane skin and that is a little dispiriting for hardcore fans who want to impersonate some of the most iconic action heroes.

A growing choir of Warzone players has been asking Activision and Raven to get together and reintroduce some of the old skins that are beyond new players’ reach because of their limited-time nature. Bundles and various cosmetics are highly sought-after, but some remain buried in the past.

To Reintroduce Skins or Not to Reintroduce Skins

Many have come out on Reddit, which is frequented by all Call of Duty teams, to appeal to developers’ better nature and argue that Halo Infinite already has a similar system. So does Apex Legends, one of Warzone’s main competitors that have been siphoning off players from the CoD battle royale.

In a discussion on Reddit, one player said: “A lot of games do this, usually six months after they are done. Halo Infinite will have an infinite battle pass too. Plus you will be able to change progress on different battle passes.”

While accessibility would definitely be a great addition to the community’s efforts, it might end up depreciating the efforts some players put in securing and unlocking various cosmetic achievements. Such cosmetics are not just granted freely, they require a significant effort as well.

What way Warzone goes from here on in as far as skins go will depend on Raven and Activision’s decision-making process. Either way, there would be those who feel their efforts cheapened, but also those who are thankful for the opportunity to obtain a new skin that was previously thought beyond their reach.

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