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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Contenders veteran Kim “vigilante” Jun has joined the Washington Justice OWL franchise as a flex support
  • Jun is still too young to play in the main league and the team will use a temporary substitute until July 2022
  • The player’s in-game nickname fascinated fans because of how well it fits with Washington Justice’s theme

Seasoned Overwatch Contenders player Kim “vigilante” Jun has joined Washington Justice as the team’s new flex support.

Vigilante Joins Justice

Overwatch League franchise Washington Justice has signed new flex support to its roster. Korean player Kim “vigilante” Jun will be joining the team as it prepares for the next OWL season and the upcoming release of Overwatch 2.

Vigilante is a young and promising esports athlete who has experience in the Overwatch Contenders league in Korea. He is still a minor and cannot legally compete in the mainline OWL until July 2022. However, vigilante’s skillset was exactly what Washington Justice was looking for, so the team wanted to secure him in advance.

In Korea, vigilante has played with some of the best Contenders teams. His latest stint was with Talon Esports who finished second in both Contenders 2021 seasons. Before that, he has played in the ranks of Triumph and WGS Phoenix, among others.

In Washington Justice, vigilante will be stepping in Yoon “BeBe” Huichang’s shoes. The latter player was the team’s previous flex support who recently left the organization.

Fans Were Obsessed With Vigilante’s Surprisingly Fitting Nickname

Vigilante’s name became a subject of great interest by fans of Washington Justice and the Overwatch League as a whole. Many thought it was incredibly fitting with the team’s theme.

Esports motion/graphics designer Bluebell commented on the post, comparing the team to a superhero squad.

“Between assassin and vigilante, I’m starting to think the justice is a front for a team of superheroes,” he jested, referring to Kim “Assassin” Sung-won who is one of Washington Justice’s members.

Vigilante isn’t the only fresh member in the ranks of Washington Justice. The franchise recently hired Lee “Happy” Jung-woo as an extra DPS. The team will have at least two new members. Washington Justice currently needs to find extra main support as well because their previous one, Jung “Closer” Won-sik left in order to pass military service. Furthermore, since vigilante is still a minor, the team will have to find temporary flex support for the first few months of the 2022’s season.

Washington Justice is a team that gives its all to live up to its name in more ways than one. Between signing a player with the name “vigilante” and donating to charity, the team is definitely one who cares for justice.

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