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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Valve has revealed what is coming to Dota 2 in the 2021 summer update 
  • Old content will make a return, along with some new quests and treasures
  • The company also officialized the dates for The International 10 qualifiers

Fans need to guess no more: Valve’s Dota 2 The International 10 starting dates have been set for the end of June. 

The International Qualifiers are Coming at the End of June

Valve finally revealed details about The International 10 Dota 2 tournament dates. It looks like the regional qualifiers for the big event will be beginning in June, not long after the Kiev AniMajor’s end. Then, the main event will follow in August. 

TI10 will feature 18 teams, 12 of which will be decided by the AniMajor. The other 6 slots will be contested between teams during the aforementioned regional qualifiers, and only the best of the best will advance to the main event. 

Valve put up a list with the official dates for each regional qualifier:

  • EEU and SA: June 23-26
  • NA and SEA: June: June 30-July 3
  • CN and EU: July 7-10

The main event itself is expected to start on August 10 and continue until August 15. More will be revealed once the AniMajor has ended and the 12 qualifying teams have been decided.

A New Batch of Content Has Arrived

Valve’s official release also revealed information about the 2021 summer update for Dota 2, which is bringing both new content and making old content available once again. 

New treasures will be dropping. Dota Plus members will have the opportunity to get new sets for the Chaos Knight, Phantom Assassin, Outworld Destroyer, Wraith King, Sven, Treant Protector, Huskar, Brewmaster, Storm Spirit, and Naga Siren characters. A new Trod & Cheddar courier will be available as well.

As of quests, a new batch will be coming, yielding a total of 115,200 shards for completing all of them. 

Among the returning content is the High Five ability, letting players show amicability with their teammates and enemies. Additionally, players will now have a Guild Banner ability that lets them show their pride and loyalty to their in-game guild. 

Lastly, new guild rewards will be available for guilds to grab:

  • Silver-tier – Three emoticons (Mango, Earth Perfect, Earth Grin)
  • Gold tier – Three sprays (Ancient Apparition Ice Cream, Sad Tree, Skywrath Dunno)
  • Platinum tier -Three Chat Wheel drops (“What Just Happened?”, “Нет нет ДА!”, “你气不气?”)

With the new summer content released and the AniMajor beginning today, both the casual fans and the esports enthusiasts will have something to keep them excited. Additionally, the BTS Pro Series Season 6 is still ongoing for those who want an extra slice of Dota 2 esports. 

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