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Published: December 7, 2022

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  • Valve reuses assets for Dota 2’s Wintry Treasure 2022 sets
  • The devs release a patch fixing the issue, adding a new style as a remedy
  • This is a signal Valve needs to establish better communication with designers

Valve fixed a recent problem with the game which saw two sets in the chest that were already in the game.

Valve Releases Patch

As the Christmas holidays are approaching, game developers are eager to capitalize on the festive season, and Valve is no exception to that. The company recently launched the Wintry Treasure 2022, which brings all new sets for Lifestealer, Storm Spirit, Vengeful Spirit, Spirit Breaker, and more. The update also includes a ton of Dota Plus quests to help lay away some extra shards for new relics and the Seasonal Treasure.

Unfortunately, the update didn’t go as smoothly as Valve hoped as the update came with a crucial bug. Players found out that there was not one, but two sets in the chest that were already in the game. Valve had to move fast and released an update fixing the issues.

The Cold Rage set for Lifestealer was moved to a second-style position for the Obsidian Atrocity. It could have been received from the Wintry Treasure 2022 or the Battle Pass Collection 2022. Meanwhile, the red and blue styles were able to be unlocked regardless of where players got them.

The Night Stalker Harvest Night set has also been replaced with the existing Frightful Revelries set from the Hallowed Chest of the Diretide. This was done more as compensation for the inconvenience caused to players. Valve also added a new style that is unlocked on that set no matter where the set was received from.

What Problems Could Arise from This?

Although this issue and subsequent fix might seem rather small in comparison to the game as a whole, they highlight the unjust system artists have to go through to get their sets in the game. A lot of designers resubmit their finest skins multiple times to ensure they are seen and as a way to boost their chances of making it into the game.

But at least the creator of these two skins might consider the fact their design was chosen twice as a type of flattery. Despite that, thanks to Valve’s mistake, this designer ended up occupying an extra slot, which could have been used for another artist. 

If anything, the situation proves Valve needs to establish better lines of communication with artists and make them feel heard. The Steam workshop is filled with community designs that have never seen the light of day, so creators would appreciate to have feedback from Valve.

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