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Published: December 19, 2022

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  • Companies took note of the thrilling finale of the FIFA World Cup
  • Valve jokingly suggested doing a similarly formatted CS:GO tournament
  • The community actually seemed to be on board

The penalties ending of the FIFA World Cup between Argentina and France prompted Valve to jokingly suggest a similar way to end deadlock CS:GO matches.

Valve Takes Note of The FIFA Final

December 18 had the whole world’s eyes set upon the small country of Qatar which hosted the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The thrilling final between Argentina and France, which ended with the former beating the latter at penalties after a grueling two-hour match, drew in hundreds of millions of viewers from around the globe. Although there is still no official data regarding the total number of viewers who watched the finals, that number could very well break records, according to SportingNews

Big video gaming companies have also taken note of the huge crowds the FIFA World Cup Finals have attracted. The thrilling match that was full of unexpected twists and turns was an emotional rollercoaster for viewers and Valve might be looking to try and emulate those same feelings in its CS:GO tournaments.

The company jokingly suggested that it should have a similar tournament for CS:GO alongside a new set of rules. Valve said that if maps end in 15-15 like they often do in competitive CS:GO, then the game should enter into something akin to penalties. The players would be divided into five one-vs-ones, with each player facing off against each other based on their stats. The winner will be the first team to win three of these duels. 

What Does the Community Think?

Valve probably doesn’t intend on hosting an official CS:GO World Cup but the joking proposition made on Twitter gained some interest among fans. While some said this would be a bad idea, a lot more seemed to think this might be an interesting format. The broader audience’s opinion was supported by pro players in the community, who suggested content creators host a tournament like this in the future.

The popular CS:GO personality DonHaci, who also supported the idea, replied on Twitter by saying “I speak for all CSGO fans when I say we want a once every two years Valve-hosted CSGO World Cup major.” This would be similar to FIFA’s system with the federation hosting a World Cup every four years.

Although it’s improbable Valve would do such a format in the near future, the community has been asking the company to organize a tournament like this for years. If an esport adopts a similar format, we might as well see such thrilling clashes like the one we saw at the World Cup final yesterday.

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