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Published: June 3, 2021

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  • Riot Games reported the viewership numbers of the last VCT tournament in Iceland
  • The company added that the game averages 14 million monthly players
  • Amidst the number announcement, Riot revealed VALORANT will be coming to mobile

Riot Games revealed statistics about VALORANT’s popularity and announced the game will be coming to mobile as a celebration of its first anniversary and fame.

VALORANT: Undoubtedly Successful

It has become something of a habit for Riot Games to make popular and successful games. VALORANT was the company’s take on first-person shooter games that quickly grew to be a worldwide phenomenon with an active and evolving esports scene. The game just finished the Valorant Champions Tour that culminated with finals in Iceland. Following the big event, the company proudly revealed the viewership numbers.

Apparently, the VCT major in Iceland was spectated by an average of more than 800 thousand people and a peak of more than a million. The information on those numbers was provided by Steam Hatchet. This number takes into consideration all the multiple streams on various platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, as well as on Riot’s co-streamed “Watch Parties”. The Watch Parties were agreements between Riot and certain content creators that let the latter stream the final on their own channel. This provided fans with the opportunity to watch a broadcast by their favorite content creators and helped boost the overall number. 

In an interview with SBJ/TEO, Kasra Jafroodi, the global strategy lead for VALORANT esports, commented on the team’s excitement with VALORANT’s success:

 “Even going back to when we started investing in Valorant Esports, we had high expectations and ambitions to create a global esport and be the best in the first-person shooter genre. We had high expectations going into this event because it had a lot of storylines and was the first international event, and the results have been incredible.”

Jafroodi also gave an additional insight by revealing Riot was content by the addition of a Red Bull fridge during interviews with the coaches as a sponsorship activation.

VALORANT Follows League of Legends to Mobile

As mobile titles are becoming more and more popular, Riot surprised fans by confirming that VALORANT will be coming to mobile. The announcement is a part of the celebrations for the game’s first anniversary.

Riot’s shooter currently averages 14 million players a month which is a number that will surely increase with the game’s release on mobile, judging on how well Wild Rift, League of Legends’ mobile edition, performed.

Moreover it will make VALORANT more accessible as it will no longer be exclusive for high-end personal computers.

Other first-person shooter titles proved to be highly successful on mobile. Those include PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite and Garena’s Free Fire.

A release date for VALORANT Mobile is yet to be announced.

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