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Published: October 4, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • It arrives on October 11 and will last until the 30th
  • It will come with six random cards of different rarities, each containing a skin
  • There is also some Bad Luck Protection and a choice of at least two Premium Edition (PE) skins

The Valorant Night Market comes around every two months and it’s a great opportunity for fans to buy skins at big discounts.

Night Market Launches Next Week

Like other popular titles nowadays, Valorant is rich in various cosmetic items that players can buy using real-life money. Considering this, many fans are eagerly waiting for the Valorant Night Market, as it is one of the cheapest methods of purchasing new weapon skins directly from the game. Unfortunately, this is a rare occasion and it also has a limited duration, so here’s what you need to know before the Night Market arrives, so you can plan accordingly.

For those who don’t know, the Night Market is based on Your Shop from League of Legends (both games being developed by Riot). Considering LoL’s shop is quite the popular feature, it was only natural this model would make its way to Valorant. It’s a cheap way for players to get random skins at discounted prices.

According to the latest information from Riot Games, the Valorant Night Market will arrive on October 11 and it will stay until October 30, being available for a total of 19 days. The Market normally returns every two months and lasts for about three weeks. This means that the actual duration between two Valorant Night Markets is almost 11 weeks, meaning it’s something that is eagerly anticipated by players, as it is a relatively rare occasion.

The Valorant Night Market will come with six random cards of different rarities which are unique to each and every account. Each of these cards has one skin for a weapon of melee and can be unlocked by a player by simply tapping it. Players also have some Bad Luck Protection, meaning they will not get more than two skins for the same weapon. Also, players will have a choice of at least two Premium Edition (PE) skins, if they don’t already have every single PE skin in the game.

When the Night Market arrives, fans will be able to view their selection of skins via an indicator in Valorant’s main menu. Unfortunately, the periodic shop does not include recent skin releases, as every cosmetic is at least more than two months old. That being said, if there is a skin you have been thinking of buying for many months, the Night Market might be a great opportunity to do so.

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