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Published: September 19, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players have been reporting cases where they are matched with vastly different ranks
  • This has made games extremely unbalanced
  • Some suggest that a total rank reset is in order to fix this issue

After multiple cases of low-rank players being matched up against Ascendants, VALORANT players are calling for developers Riot Games to make drastic changes to the game’s matchmaking system.

Fans Call for Changes

Matchmaking exists in games to help players find the perfect opponents, who are at the same skill level as they are. This ensures a fair and fun experience and a balanced way for players to progress further up the skill ladder. Unfortunately, not all matchmaking systems are made equal and sometimes this may lead to strange or even broken matchups.

It seems that VALORANT is currently suffering from similar problems, as players have been reporting that low-ranked solo queuers are being put in encounters against some of the highest ranks in the game. Players as low as Bronze are being placed with Ascedants in their lobby and every other rank in between, the results of these matches being exactly what you may expect.

Players quickly had enough of this unbalanced matchmaking and many started begging the devs to quickly address the issue. Said problem can easily be visualized when looking at this Reddit post from September 17 that shows a player lobby consisting of five different classes of rank on one team. The two highest of these were paired together, while every other lower-rank player was a solo queuer. The results are what you might expect.

Faced with such an unbalanced matchmaking, some VALORANT players suggested that an MMR reset might be the key to getting the situation under control. This would mean that players will change ranks drastically but it might be better to do this now rather than wait more.

Another suggestion was to show each player’s MMR. Currently, VALORANT has an RR and MMR system, where players can only see the former. Other games, such as Apex Legends, which will have a hidden MMR in its next season, also have a similar mechanic, but many fans agree that this only complicates things. This is because both your MMR and RR are taken into account when being placed in matched, which is likely a part of the reason why such a match occurred.

Riot Games should perhaps quickly do something about this issue, or else lower ranks will continue getting destroyed by more skilled players, which will likely negatively affect the layer base as a whole.

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