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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Mars from Team Fallacy was accused of cheating in the Galorants tournament
  • Accusers have compiled a document to support their claims
  • So far neither Riot Games nor mars have commented about the accusations

Team Fallacy’s mars was accused of having her boyfriend help her during an online VALORANT tournament.

Mars Accused of Cheating

More and more women are entering professional esports. However, as the number of women in esports grows, so do the reports of alleged misconduct and cheating. One member of the popular all-female VALORANT team Fallacy has recently been accused of cheating at a recent online tournament. Accusers say that Mars had her boyfriend standing in during a match.

To support their claims, the accusers released an entire document, stating her boyfriend, x-TSM FTX star Payen, was using her account during the event. “There is a multitude of evidence pointing to not only this but specifically that her boyfriend x-TSM FTX Payen was the one playing on her account,” the document reads. “The concerns are brought up specifically because this qualifier was the Last Chance Qualifier for the Astral Clash LAN tournament in California, which would have been a fully paid-for trip by GenG.”

What Does the Evidence Say?

The document was filled with screenshots and other evidence with which the writers claim mars is guilty of cheating, from suspicious behavior to past performance. What prompted the accusations was a clip where the player allegedly got a 1v5 ace and did not say anything. Many found that strange, considering defeating 5 enemies alone is quite a feat, even for high-ranking professionals.

Some viewers have further evidence against mars. They claim they have noticed distinct differences between mars’ playstyle and that of Payen. For example, Mars uses ‘F’ instead of ‘C’ as a keybind, but went back to default binds during the tournament, the same as her boyfriend Payen. Additionally, mars usually uses dot crosshair, but during the 1v5 ace, she was using Payen’s usual crosshair.

The accusers also said that they could not find a single clip where mars was using the Discord in-game overlay. Meanwhile, her boyfriend has multiple clips on his Twitter where he has it on. During the incident, the Discord overlay is on, suggesting that Payen was playing instead.

The Google document also explained that Payen was seen queuing with the Fallacy roster in ranked a day before the event, however, mars was not seen there. The document questioned why Payen would be there instead of Mars, speculating that it was because “they wouldn’t be playing with her in the tournament.”

Currently, Riot Games has not responded to the situation. Additionally, mars’ Twitter account has been locked and she has been silent about the accusations. Fans also seem divided, as some say the evidence is not enough to rule out a sentence, as changing keys is not rare. Others, however, feel that the evidence is enough to at least warrant suspicion.

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