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Published: November 9, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Iso is the popular game’s newest agent, added just last week alongside Season 7 Act 3
  • He has a unique ultimate which allows him to counter Killjoy’s Lockdown
  • This was demonstrated perfectly in a recent video shared on Reddit

Killjoy’s ultimate is by far one of the most annoying ones in the whole of VALORANT, but it seems players have managed to find a way to counter it using the game’s newest agent – Iso.

A New Way To Defeat Killjoy

It has been over a week since VALORANT’s Season 7 Act 3 was released and fans have been busy duking it out and testing the game’s new content. Many have enjoyed the title’s newest cosmetics, game features, and balance changes, but one thing remains an annoying constant – Killjoy’s ultimate.

The agent’s Lockdown ability has often been cited as one of the game’s worst ults. It detains all enemies caught in its radius, making them an easy target for Killjoy and her teammates. Fortunately for the agent’s victims, the newest update to the game also brought in an interesting counter to the problem.

Iso is VALORANT’s newest character, having been released on October 31 along with the launch of the new season. He has a unique ultimate which creates a small “pocket dimension”, trapping him and an enemy player in a 1v1 arena where they both have to duel until one of them dies. It is exactly this unique skill that players have found out can counter Killjoy’s Lockdown.

This was demonstrated very well in a Reddit post by user EshiEx who shared a clip showcasing how Kill Contract can be used to successfully counter Killjoy’s ult. While stationed in Ascent’s B Site, EshiEx activated Iso’s ability a few seconds before the enemy Killjoy’s Lockdown was about to end. This pulled them to the pocket dimension, along with the enemy Sova, just in time to escape the Detain effect. They then killed the enemy and returned to the game, untouched and free.

Here Are Some Caveats

It should be noted that although this seems like an effective tactic, the Iso player would go back to the same point where they activate their ult. This might mean they could be vulnerable to enemies flooding into the site after Killjoy’s ultimate finishes scanning. To make it safer, EshiEx could have used Kill Contract while in the Boat House, just for additional cover—but they’d still be at risk.

Also, although Iso’s Kill Contract is perfect for when you are stuck in a situation you know you can’t escape, there are some situations where things with the new agent might not work out well. There was a bug that gave Reyna a huge advantage against Iso’s ult, and it seems it has not yet been fixed.

Despite that, Iso’s Kill contract still remains one of the most interesting and powerful abilities in the game, if you know how to use it well. It allows players to escape and counter almost any VALORANT ultimate, including Brimstone’s Orbital Strike, Breach’s Rolling Thunder, Raze’s Showstopper, and others. It would be interesting to see how Iso will impact higher competitive play down the line.

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