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Published: September 11, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Leaks suggest that Riot is going to soon release more cosmetics from the Neptune bundle
  • Three more weapons, the Phantom, Odin, and Bulldog, will also receive themed skins
  • Unfortunately, there’s no information about prices or release date yet

Riot Games is supposedly preparing to soon release a revamped version of its highly popular Neptune skin bundle.

Rumors Suggest Neptune Is Coming Back

Over the past years, Riot Games has added a whole host of skin bundles and other cosmetic items to its first-person hero shooter VALORANT. One thing that sets the game’s cosmetics apart from other titles is that VALORANT’s gun skins are often very exquisitely crafted, often having new visual effects, sounds, and other aspects to make them appealing to players.

Naturally, some sets of skins become crowd-favorites and sough-after, prompting Riot Games to create 2.0 version of them in future updates. One such bundle, beloved by players, is the Neptune bundle, which is also going to undergo the same treatment if recent rumors are to be believed.

And there is strong ground on which they could be believed, as they come from ValorLeaks, a reliable leaker in the community. According to their information, Riot is planning to capitalize on the popularity of the original Neptune bundle and is preparing to launch a 2.0 version. However, it is not known when this will be implemented in the game, with ValorLeaks simply saying it will come “soon”. That being said, the leaker’s information suggests that the bundle will include new cosmetics for Phantom, Odin, and Bulldog, among others.

Perhaps it should not come to anyone’s surprise that Riot is planning on releasing a second batch of Neptune skins. When the first one came out in May of 2022 with the 4.10 update for the game, it quickly became a favorite of the community. This is due to the fact that the Neptune collection featured skins with extremely detailed animations that resemble fish moving inside an aquarium, and over the past year, more and more fans have set their eyes on the bundle.

The original collection featured skins for the Spectre, Guardian, Shorty, Vandal, Anhor, and a Neptune Sailor Compass Gun Buddy. It’s likely we might receive revamped skins for these weapons, alongside the three new skins that ValorLeaks reported about.

Unfortunately, there’s still no information about the price of this future Neptune 2.0. The original one cost 7 100 VALORANT Points (VP) which is approximately around $70. Considering the next skin series will likely include more skins, the whole bundle may cost a bit more. Alternatively, if the price stays the same, fans would get more cosmetic items for the same amount of money.

Whatever the case, it’s important to take the leak with a pinch of salt, as Riot Games has yet to confirm any information about the alleged Neptune 2.0 collection.

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