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Published: June 22, 2021

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  • VALORANT’s new episode starts today
  • It brings a variety of changes to the ranked system, including a rank reset
  • Climbing the ranks will now be a slower process 

VALORANT’s new third episode brings upon some major changes to the ranking system. 

EvrMoar Explains Why The Developers Dropped The Old System

VALORANT episode three is just rolling up. With this in mind, let us take a look at what the game will offer and how the new episode will affect the game’s ever-important competitive play. 

Jon “EvrMoar” Walker, the designer of competitive VALORANT, spoke with caster Rivington Bisland III during a developer livestream. Walker shared some news about the changes coming to the game and what competitive players should expect. He revealed that a number of changes would be making their way to the game, including fixes to the rank calculation, coming together with rank reset

Walker explained why the rank calculation system was revisited. He revealed that in the beginning, VALORANT sported a system that calculated matchmaking rating based on the total number of games played. This was done in order to quickly “sort” people in their respective tiers. However, the developers have decided that it is time to say goodbye to this old faulty system in order to ensure fairer and more accurate matchmaking.

Moreover, Walker revealed that after a game, the losing side would receive much more forgiving penalties. This is because the team realized that sometimes in team games, people are unfairly punished for their teammate’s faults. However, Walker mentioned that climbing the ranks will now be a far slower process. 

A Rank Reset to See If The Elites Have Gotten Rusty

The rank reset will get players through a series of five placement matches that evaluate player’s skills and place them in their deserved tier. The maximum placement ranking was increased to Diamond 1, which will mean less work for Immortal players. 

Walker warned players that their ranks might seem to have declined than before. The competitive designer suggested people not be disheartened by that and try and fit in the new system. 

Immortal ranks will also be making a return due to a large number of skilled players in this skill category. However, they will be introduced at the start of the second act of the season. 

Sadly, there seems to be no news of the 5-stack queuing that the team is working on fixing. 

The VALORANT development team has been pleasantly open about what leads their decisions about the different aspects of the game. Recently the developers revealed curious details about what solutions do they implement to boost the game’s performance as well as what guided their directions when they created the Breeze map which was released this spring. 

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