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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • The Overwatch League is going to Hawaii to host live events in the West division once again
  • The University of Hawaii’s esports program students will benefit from hands-on experience in producing landmark esports events
  • Two teams will travel at a time to Oahu and face off so that live Overwatch may go on

As the pandemic is showing some signs of slowing down, the Overwatch League is heading to host live events in Hawaii.

Overwatch Says Aloha as Live Events Return – To Hawaii

The Overwatch League (OWL) has teamed up with the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and specifically the university’s esports program. As a result, the university will host four tournaments for the 2021 season and possibly continue on serving as an important venue for regional esports moving forward.

Students from the university will have the opportunity to learn about live production of esports events, content creation, and more, as the competitive events slowly roll out at the University of Hawaii.

That is something that the University of Shenandoah is already doing, although admittedly to a much more modest home crowd.

Bringing an organization such as the Overwatch League will give students the opportunity to hone their skills so that they may cultivate talent and polish rough edges that will make them desirable hires in future.

The Overwatch League has had to go some serious changes this year, and it has been split into two regions, West and East. The West region naturally comprises of teams that are based in Europe and North America with the East division in Asia.

Managing Live Events with Care

Located on the island of Oahu, the university will have the chance to put theoretical knowledge into practice, assisted by OWL’s own production specialists who will be coaching students and training them on what skills are necessary to pull off a massive event such as the Overwatch league and avoid hiccups.

Western teams will travel to Oahu to play live at the facilities provided by the university. The attending teams’ number will be limited to just two, which is far from ideal, but makes the return of live Overwatch a possibility.

Blizzard’s approach towards competitive Overwatch has been one of relentless love, with many regional initiatives started in places such as Latin America and Europe, and now the island of Oahu.  

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