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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Ultimate Tournament will support ESIC’s anti-fraud endeavors 
  • The bookmaker realizes the need of taking measures against cheating and match-fixing
  • ESIC is happy to have one more betting operator join the ranks of its supporters

Esports bookmaker Ultimate Tournament will work together with the Esports Integrity Commission to stop illegal practices in the esports ecosystem. 

Ultimate Tournament Joins Anti-Fraud Efforts

The USA-Based turnkey esports betting platform Ultimate Tournament will stand with the Esports Integrity Commission in the war against corruption. Together with the ESIC, the bookmaker will carefully follow for any fraudulent activity on its own platform. 

Ultimate Tournament’s CEO Alex Pickett emphasized that regulation is crucial in the quickly developing esports industry. He explained that as a gaming operator, he takes customer protection to the heart and will do what’s necessary to help establish a healthy esports environment. 

  “In order for esports to grow, and for users to have the safe experience they deserve, we believe it is imperative to work together as an industry to set a standard for fair play and to enforce those standards universally,” Pickett said. 

The CEO added that he is delighted to work together with the ESIC for such a noble and important cause. He is sure that the fight against fraud will “push esports to the next level.” 

ESIC Built a Foundation of Powerful Allies

The Esports Integrity Commission has amassed a fair deal of big names in esports betting as supporters. Those include Oddin, Midnite, Betway, Cyber.Bet, Parimatch, Unikrn, Skybet, and now Ultimate Tournament. Additionally, the ESIC boasts a range of supporters among the ranks of tournament organizers who also are concerned by the prospects of players cheating and fixing matches

ESIC’s commissioner Ian Smith welcomes Ultimate Tournament as a valuable addition to the anti-fraud efforts. Smith pointed out that it is of utmost importance to have such organizations that support the war on corruption.  

 “By joining ESIC, Ultimate Tournament has displayed its commitment to playing its part in maintaining the integrity of esports. We look forward to working with Ultimate Tournament to investigate suspicious betting activity and curb cheating and betting fraud within esports,” the commissioner concluded. 

Sports betting was only recently legalized in the United States, where Ultimate Tournament is based. Because of this, there are many people who have tried to exploit the young system by engaging in all kinds of fraudulent activities such as cheating and match-fixing. Stopping such practices before they take root is extremely important for the establishment of a healthy esports betting environment. 

ESIC’s efforts have been extremely helpful as the commission has already worked hard on identifying suspicious cases and reporting them. Even in the cases where someone has proven their innocence, ESIC’s efforts served to inspire vigilance against any potential fraud. 

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