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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Ubisoft is streamlining the process of acquiring licenses for small-scale competitive events
  • There will be two different types that small organizers can get
  • This should help small and amateur events to be more easily organized

Ubisoft is streamlining the process of acquiring licenses for the organizations of small-scale events to help grow grassroots competition.

Ubisoft’s New System Allows for Easier Event Organizing

Every esports team has to start somewhere and often this is at so-called “grassroots” competitions – small local events that are useful for young rosters to get exposure. Sometimes it is even better when the gaming companies themselves help with the organization of such events and this is what Ubisoft will be trying to do with Rainbow Six: Siege.

The company announced yesterday that it plans to “streamline the process” for tournament organizers to host grassroots R6 Siege events. The thing about organizing competitive R6 events is that organizers need a license and the new platform hosted on the R6 Esports website is designed to make the process of acquiring it easier.

“As we continue to cater to our local scenes and work with third-party tournament organizers, we’re very excited to introduce you to our new tournament licensing platform!” wrote Unisoft. “Thanks to this new feature, available directly on the Rainbow Six Esports website, we are looking to streamline the process to grant licenses to organize Rainbow Six Siege tournaments.”

What Types of Licenses Are There?

Although large R6 Siege tournaments like the Six Invitational, Six Majors, and the Regional Leagues are organized either by big tournament organizers like FACEIT, or even Ubisoft itself, there are small local tournaments year-round. Ubisoft’s new system would make it much easier for these organizers to acquire a license.

“To put it simply, tournament organizers within the community will now have a central space to request and receive their license faster than ever before,” Ubisoft wrote. There are two different types of licenses that organizers can get, depending on the scale of the event.

The first one is a Community license, which will be given if the event fits these criteria:

  • The total prize pool should be no greater than $10 000, or equivalent
  • Total sponsor compensation should be no greater than $10 000, or equivalent
  • The tournament is non-profit

This license will be generated automatically if the event follows these criteria. After that, organizers will receive a “tournament kit with useful content and guidelines” to help them put on more successful events.

The second type of license is the Custom license. Organizers can apply for it if their planned tournament does not meet the previously mentioned criteria. They will have to fill out the tournament information directly on Ubisoft’s new platform.

This is the company’s first iteration on the platform. Ubisoft plans to “finetune this tool to make it as useful as possible” to the community, by adding different languages and types of licenses.

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