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Published: December 8, 2021

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  • Ubisoft has admitted that it may not have prioritized employee experience when investigating the mistreatment allegations
  • The company’s chief people officer, Anika Grant promised that despite the hurdles, the issues are being worked on
  • Grant believes that the drop in complaints signifies that a positive change is on the way

Ubisoft’s chief people officer Anika Grant admits the company had a flawed approach in solving the workplace issues.

Ubisoft Admits Its Faults In Handling The Issue

In an interview with the news outlet Axios, Anika Grant, the chief people officer of Ubisoft, admitted that the company may have reacted inadequately to the workplace misconduct complaints, filed by employees. This, in turn, has undermined workers’ trust in the company as a whole.

Grant said that when Ubisoft was pondering which was the right approach to solve the problem, it didn’t prioritize the well-being of employees when conducting an investigation.

“I don’t think we always communicated enough back to the people who had raised an issue in the first place about what we found as part of the investigations—the decisions that we made and the actions that we took. And so I think, unfortunately, people lost trust in that process,” Grant revealed.

Grant promised that Ubisoft is 100% focused on fixing its approach and everything it did before was aiming to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

Workers Are Still Unhappy But The Company Promises Things Are Changing

Despite Ubisoft vowing to take action in fixing the workplace, many workers continue being discontent with the company. Some of them claim that the misconduct is still happening.

ABetterUbisoft, a union of both current and former company employees, shared on Twitter that Grant has failed to address the true workplace issues in the Axios interview and that none of the workers’ four key demands has been met. ABetterUbisoft vowed to fight for justice until its demands have been heard.

The scandal in question refers to June 2020 when it was reported that men of higher standing within Ubisoft often abuse their power across the company’s offices in France, Singapore, and Canada.

Over time, the disgruntlement grew, resulting in an open letter by the ABetterUbisoft union where the employees claimed that the company promotes known offenders and moves them from studio to studio with no repercussions.

Grant denied the latter claims and said that the overall number of dissatisfied employees has dropped. She acknowledges that the company isn’t perfect and there are still things that can be improved, but firmly believes that Ubisoft is moving in the right direction.

The issues within Ubisoft echo in the scandals with Riot Games and Activision Blizzard.

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