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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Turkish VALORANT players cNed and deNc spoke about their involvement with the money-laundering fraud
  • According to them, they did take a part in the fraud, albeit reluctantly
  • The two insist they wanted nothing to do with the operation

Two Turkish VALORANT players have spoken about their involvement with the recent Twitch money-laundering scandal.

CNed Explains He Never Directly Spoke With the Ringleaders

Professional VALORANT streamer Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek has spoken about his involvement with the money-laundering scandal that just exploded. CNed admitted he had a hand in it but insisted that he was reluctant to do so.

The scandal in question is a money-laundering scheme that saw numerous Turkish VALORANT personalities receive donations from stolen credit cards. The content creators would then keep between 30 to 50% of the money and send the rest to the scheme’s ringleaders.

The fraud was uncovered thanks to the breach that saw the salaries of numerous Twitch streamers revealed to the public. It quickly became clear that some of the Turkish creators had received some suspicious amounts.

CNed shed more light on the situation. He explained that he never directly spoke with the money-laundering ringleaders and instead just followed his older brother, Alihan ‘deNc’ İpek, did. CNed added that he would receive some bits, he would take them and would never report them to Twitch.

CNed and DeNc Claim They Were Forced to Comply

CNed and DeNc insisted they were unwillingly involved in the scam.

“I told the friend in question that we did not want to deal with this business. He then asked me for the price of the bit and said that if we don’t throw more bits he will send more bits and bug the channel. In addition, the bit transmission took place against Mehmet’s request,” DeNc said.

CNed explained that articles that claim he has willingly collaborated with the scammers are nothing short of clickbait. The streamer explained that although the articles largely say things that are truthful, the tiles would often imply that he is guilty which isn’t exactly the case.

CNed and DeNc’s claims are somewhat similar to those of Semih “LEGOO” Selvi. The latter VALORANT professional claimed that he took a part in the scheme but wasn’t aware of the illegal nature of the proceeds.

The situation is still unfolding. Riot Games and Twitch are collaborating on the investigation, with the former having already compiled a list of people who would receive a ban.

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