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Published: August 18, 2021

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  • Mobalytics has chosen Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek and Nick “LS” DeCesare to become its co-owners
  • The two content creators’ skills will help Mobalytics tailor its platform to better suit its users’ needs
  • Nemesis and LS are happy to become parts of the analytics company

Famous content creators Nemesis and LS will be joining Mobalytics’ team as co-owners.

Mobalytics’ Ownership Board Grows by Two People

Esports analytics provider Mobalytics has elected two new co-owners, namely the prominent content creators Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek and Nick “LS” DeCesare. Thanks to their knowledge and experience with gaming, the two new additions to the platform’s team will help its future development.

Nemesis and LS are known as professional League of Legends players. As such they know best what information and experience a player needs and will be able to provide crucial feedback and design solutions to the creation of new tools for the Mobalytics platform.

Both of them are happy to lend their experience to a cause that will help all of the esports community.

Nemesis spoke on the matter. He is sure that together with his and LS’ help, Mobalytics will “solidify itself as the best League of Legends tool out there”. The player promised to share everything he is allowed to during his stream. Nemesis’ followers will be lucky to take a sneak peek at features that are still in development.

LS shares Nemesis’ sentiments. He is delighted to become a part of Mobalytics and believes that such a job is a great fit for his skill set. LS teased fans that he will excitedly and actively participate in the development of Mobalytics’ future features.

Pushing Mobalytics Forward

With the addition of Nemesis and LS, Mobalytics has increased its pool of gaming experts. Mobalytics’ chief executive officer, Bogdan Suchyk, welcomes the fresh blood on board. Suchyk is deeply impressed by Nemesis and LS’ feats in League of Legends and believes that their touch is just what Mobalytics needs to progress.

Users of the analytics platform can expect to see upgrades to old features, such as the ever sp important Gamer Performance Index, as well as new tools that make it easier for people to track their performance.

Mobalytics’ platform is highly renowned and previously received official recognition by none other than Riot Games itself. The video game company has used its tools for its grassroot-level events like the LCS amateur leagues in North America and the Riot Games Scouting Grounds.

Fans of esports and Mobalytics users should stay tuned for news of the platform’s next plans for development.

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