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Published: September 23, 2021

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  • Twitch has announced the planned dates for the TwitchCon 2022 events
  • The first TwitchCon is set to take place in Amsterdam, followed by one in San Diego
  • This will be the first live TwitchCon after two years of canceled events

Twitch reveals its plans for 2022’s editions of TwitchCon, with one planned for Amsterdam and one for San Diego.

TwitchCon Two Return For the First Time in Two Years

TwitchCon is the biggest annual event that gives Twitch content creators and fans a venue to gather live and celebrate as a community. Fans had to go without a TwitchCon for two years because of the COVID-19 situation but this may be changing starting next year as Twitch announced details about the 2022 event.

The TwitchCon tradition is to hold two editions per year – one for Europe and one for North America. This seems to remain the case for 2022. According to the streaming platform, it currently plans to host the first TwitchCon event in Amsterdam in July 2022 and the second one in San Diego in October 2022.

These venues are the same that were planned for the 2020 editions of TwitchCon that never saw the light of day. Yet, in 2020 Twitch replaced the canceled events with an online version called GlitchCon. The 2021 events also had to be canceled as the pandemic situation wasn’t any better.

TwitchCon is usually an important event where fans can gather, see their favorite gaming celebrities live, and participate in fun games or even tournaments the lack of such an event for two years has taken a heavy moral toll on the community and people want to return to those livelier times.

How Twitch is Faring on the Market

Despite the turbulent times and the lack of TwitchCons, the streaming platform has been growing strong throughout the last two years. Owned by Amazon, Twitch is currently the undisputed leader in the streaming market, although it has recently faced some notable competition from YouTube Gaming.

Twitch has been steadily reinforcing its business through numerous deals and partnerships. According to Twitch itself, just in 2021, it has signed over 8,550 new partners and 548,000 new affiliates.

In recent times Twitch has had its share of hurdles as well. The platform has seen constant raids against some of its content creators and has been trying to mitigate the negative effects.

This, along with Twitch’s quarrels with some content beloved creators such as Asmongold and Dr. Disrespect has alienated a part of the community.

Hopefully, the TwitchCon 2022 will help Twitch users set their differences aside and celebrate what is bringing them together – gaming.

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