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Published: August 31, 2022

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  • TwitchCon San Diego’s schedule might have accidentally leaked the inclusion of Gun Game to Apex
  • However, the schedule has been updated and no longer shows anything Gun Game related
  • The event will feature some of the best Apex Twitch stars from the world

Fans’ hopes that EA will finally add a Gun Game mode to Apex PC have yet again been raised by an alleged Twitch Rivals schedule leak.

TwitchCon San Diego Potentially Leaks Gun Game

For a long time, rumors have been circulating around the Apex Legends fanbase that the game will be adding an exciting new game mode called Gun Game. These rumors have been rekindled by a recent Twitch Rivals event schedule for TwitchCon San Diego, according to the information initially posted on the news page.

This type of mode exists in many other shooters, including Apex Legends Mobile, and is one of the most requested ones to be added to the PC game. It requires participants to cycle through all of the weapons in a game, a new weapon appearing every time a player gets a kill with the last one.

Although the information on the page has been redacted to omit any references to the game mode, the event will feature some of the biggest content creators and professional Apex players in the world. The page initially explained that the event will feature the as-of-yet unreleased on PC mode Gun Game.

What Can Be Expected from the Event?

It is still unknown if TwitchCon San Diego will feature the coveted game mode. Perhaps EA was planning to announce the Gun Game mode at the event with the help of all the attending Twitch stars. There is even the possibility that the leak was “intentional” as to play into the rumors surrounding the mode and generate hype through social media.

However, what we do know for certain is that TwitchCon will feature a fundamentally different format than we’ve ever seen in a Twitch Rivals Apex event. Participants will play five battle royale games and will be scored according to the standard ALGS scoring system. Three of the games will proceed as standard battle royale matches. The organizers also confirmed the return of the traditional Halloween LTM.

Here’s where the alleged presence of Gun Game comes in. Initially, the schedule read that after the battle royale matches are over, the top four teams in points will compete in a winner-take-all version of the anticipated game mode. This would decide the winner of the event, while the remaining four teams finish the same way they placed in the battle royale portion of the event.

Fans will just have to wait and see if EA is going to showcase the mode at the event while they hope that it will be added soon.

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