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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • The global streaming platform Twitch will collaborate with the University of Chichester’s Bachelor of Arts esports program
  • The partnership will have Twitch implemented into the academic modules that the university
  • The collaboration will help students deepen their knowledge of the esports industry and its intricacies

Twitch announced it would be collaborating with the University of Chichester in the United Kingdom. The streaming platform will support the establishment’s esports degree.

Twitch Offers Chichester Students a Range of New Opportunities

Twitch and the British University of Chichester will come together to improve the latter’s Bachelor in Arts esports degree. This is big news for European esports enthusiasts as the video streaming giant will help the program grow, improve and offer new opportunities and knowledge to students. 

Twitch professionals will help students get familiarized with the streaming industry, how it works and what it offers. Chichester’s B. An esports program is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom and offers a deeper look into the competitive gaming industry through the lens of science. 

With the help of the streaming platform, students will learn essential industry skills like public speaking, launching a brand. Moreover, Twitch will give access to the gaming industry as a whole.

A Peek into the Collaboration

Twitch’s Director of Student and education programs, Mark “Garvey” Candella, is proud to collaborate with the University of Chichester. He is enthusiastic about bringing “relevant and engaging education in emerging, new and digital media through gaming and esports.” 

“We are very much looking forward to being of service to their (Chichester’s) faculty, educators, and student body,” Candella concludes.

The esports degree was established in 2019 and had since been steadily growing. It is a three-year-long program that takes a deep look not only into gaming itself but into the psychology of gamers, healthy nutrition, coaching, etc.

The University of Chichester owns a state-of-the-art Tech Park where most of the subjects are being taught. 

The program’s overseer is Dignitas member Rams “r2k” Singh. R2k shares his goal was to “bridge the gap between the endemic industry and academia for esports.” Singh believes the collaboration with Twitch is a step in that right direction. 

Singh explained Chichester’s program in depth in a video:

The University of Chichester’s Head of Creative digital technologies Michael Holley, is also delighted at the opportunities the partnership with Twitch will offer. Holley is absolutely convinced that, being a leader in world streaming, Twitch will greatly help Chichester’s students.

Twitch amasses more than 26 million visitors daily, so Holley’s enthusiasm is grounded in reality. 

Chichester already partners with other big names in gaming like DXRacer and HyperX. The University has paved the way to a good future in esports for all its students. Interested people can apply for the B. A. degree in esports or check the University’s own Twitch page. 

It’s nice to see collegiate esports growing. Recently Team SoloMid has launched an esports introductory program for people who want to get familiar with the industry without commitment. 

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