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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Twitch is continuing to work on its Local Subscription Pricing project
  • The streaming platform will proceed to adjust the cost of subscriptions in the Asia Pacific region
  • The subscribers count in already affected regions has been steadily going up

After the success of Local Subscription Pricing in Mexico and Turkey, Twitch is proceeding to adjust the subscription prices for the Asia Pacific region. 

Asia Pacific Benefits from Local Sub Pricing

Twitch is proceeding to implement the Local Subscription Pricing that was announced earlier this year. Before the changes going live, the streaming platform released an updated price list for the countries in the Asia Pacific region.

 As it turns out, many countries will be receiving dramatically lower prices. India’s pricing, for example, has been reduced by as much as 77 percent (from $6,50 to $1,50) for the first tier of subscription. The changes are yet to go live but are on the way. 

Twitch’s unexpected decision to introduce local prices is a part of the streaming platform’s efforts to increase its global influence. By adjusting the prices to the local standard of life of more struggling countries, it will become more appealing for fans to subscribe to their favorite Twitch content creators. 

The changes will surely be welcomed by fans of streamed gaming. Previously some countries, such as India, had ridiculously high prices for the region’s standards, which were additionally pumped up by the cost of currency exchange and added taxes. 

The Effect of Local Subs Pricing 

The Local Subscription Pricing is already a reality in Mexico and Turkey. Although some people were skeptical if Twitch’s decision to introduce localized prices will have the desired effect, the numbers speak for themselves: according to statistics, the number of total subscriptions in the two countries has increased five times since the changes went live. 

One of the major concerns against the Local Sub Pricing was that by lowering the prices of content, creators would earn less and may not make ends meet. However, Twitch foresaw this possibility and prepared a program that will support such creators for a year after the introduction of the changes. Moreover, if subscribers’ numbers continue to grow as much as they did in Mexico and Turkey, content creators shouldn’t have anything to fear. 

Other than India, numerous other countries in the Asia Pacific will receive lower prices. For example, Korea’s price will drop from $5.7 to $4.3, Australia’s price will drop from $6,6 to $5,9, Taiwan’s price will drop from $5.3 to $2.7, and so on. 

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