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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Twitch is adjusting the price of its local subscriptions across Europe
  • The platform hopes to drive more overall subscriptions as a result and channel greater support for content creators in the region
  • Twitch is pushing globally

Changes in local subscription fees on Twitch should lead to more endorsement for content creators in Europe and other regions as well as generate a higher number of overall subscriptions.

Twitch Focuses on Improving Support for Content Creators

Twitch is lowering the price of its channel subscription in Europe, as part of a broader push aimed at adjusting local subscription fees across the world. The company previously reduced subscription pricing in India in what Twitch believes to be a move towards accessibility and a proven way of generating additional revenue

Twitch has been moving quickly across various regions where consumers may have found the fees a little too steep. Starting with Turkey and Mexico, and focusing on Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and India, Twitch has been able to create a slightly more accessible product.

Moving forward, Twitch will be charging €3.99 in the majority of European countries, changing that number from €4.99. A similar change was introduced to the United Kingdom where the price dropped from £4.99 to £3.99.

Making Twitch More Accessible to Consumers

The move is designed to make Twitch’s product more accessible across different regions and offer a leveler field for streamers or consumers who are eager to benefit from the full range of services but are not convinced that the price is justified.

Even though this is a small drop in pricing, Twitch believes it’s a way forward. “The percentage of active users in Europe or Asia who support creators with a subscription is roughly 50% lower relative to North America,” Twitch explained, giving another reason behind its motivation.

The company hopes that by slashing the subscription fees, the additional fees can go towards supporting streamers, who would be interested in generating more content and therefore creating more revenue for the platform as well.

Twitch’s own blog post confirms that while the platform will take a small hit because of the reducing pricing at first, it expects the overall subscription levels to go up because of the discount and allow more people to join in.

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