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Published: May 24, 2021

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  • Twitch has created a new category for the “hot tub meta” streaming channels where they can find a new home
  • The move comes after controversies around prominent accounts being suspended and a push from the community to act to such streaming in the first place
  • Twitch has acknowledged that more permanent solutions should be sought to help both community and advertisers feel happy with the changes

As Amazon-owned streaming giant Twitch seeks a way to address the “hot tub meta” streaming trend, the company has launched a new dedicated section.

Launching a Home for the Hot Tub Meta on Twitch 

Twitch, the Amazon-owned video streaming giant, has been developing new ways to regulate what content is streamed on its channels. Focusing exclusively on gaming, Twitch streamers have become more inventive in marketing their content, with attractive young women often participating in what has been dubbed the “hot tub meta.” 

To help better moderate this type of streaming, Twitch announced that it’s going ahead with the “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches” category that should allow the “Just Chatting” channels that focus on this type of streaming to find a new and safe home. 

There have been calls to restrict the streaming of such content on Twitch, arguing that the streaming giant is going against the grain of its own terms of service, as it usually polices “sexually suggestive content” and nudity. 

However, Twitch has amended its terms to better help with interpreting the rule. “Our intention with the Sexually Suggestive policy was to draw a line on content that is overtly or explicitly sexually suggestive, not to ban all content that could be viewed as sexually suggestive–but we acknowledge that our rules are not as clear as they could be,” the company argued in a statement. 

Advertisers Can Choose Whoever They Wish to Work With

Twitch made the amendments responding to community demands for more clarity on what can and cannot be streamed, and the company further explained that a blanket ban on the “hot tub meta” would lead to deteriorated experience as some streamers, channels, and games that are otherwise popular could fall under it. 

Twitch similarly responded to community concern about disappearing advertisements on the company’s streaming platform, to which the streaming service explained that advertisers have exclusive rights over where and when their ads appear. Twitch is simply a mediator and facilitator, following up on clients’ requests.

The company has felt the need to explain what changes it will be introducing and how they benefited the platform as a whole after Amouranth, the Twitch handle of “hot tub” streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa, saw a lot of her advertisements disappearing from her channel. Amouranth responded by arguing that Twitch had “demonized” her account and pushed away ads revenue.

In light of recent events, Twitch did admit that the new policy change is not very likely to make everyone happy, but more permanent solutions are already on the way, the company assured. Ultimately, the company wants to keep consumers happy while helping brands better target their audiences through the appropriate streams. 

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