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Published: June 23, 2021

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  • Esports news outlet Sportskeeda reported that TSM FTX might be acquiring a Free Fire team
  • The roster in question is called Sixth Sense and is based in India
  • Although this hasn’t been made official yet, it seems likely as TSM FTX already has a presence in the country

TSM FTX is already fulfilling the promises of a global expansion – according to reports, and the organization is signing an Indian Free Fire Roster.

Sixth Sense Reportedly Becomes A Part Of TSM FTX

Esports organization Team SoloMid, now operating under FTX’s brand as TSM FTX, is supposedly working on adding a Garena Free Fire roster to its lineup of teams. This was reported by the global sports and esports news website Sportskeeda.

Sportskeeda thinks that TSM FTX has directed its gaze towards India and, namely, team Sixth Sense. This claim is based on a leaked image from Free Fire’s official esports site. Outside of this leak, there has been no official confirmation by either Free Fire esports or TSM FTX, but if the team acquisition indeed happened, it will be announced in the following days.

The roster in question, Sixth Sense, would be a good pick if TSM is indeed planning to expand in Free Fire. The Indian team has proved to be skilled in its respective field and has had some major successes this year – it won the Tri-Series in April and got fourth place in the Free Fire India Championship earlier.

Although Free Fire is still relatively new to some westerners, the game has grown to be one of the strongest competitive titles.

Free Fire’s world championship in Singapore took place in May gathered 5,4 million viewers, which is by far the highest viewer number for a competitive gaming event outside of China.

Considering this, it seems highly likely that TSM FTX would have an interest in fielding a Free Fire team.

A Global Expansion, Just As Promised

With the growing popularity of Free Fire aside, Team SoloMid recently signed one of the biggest deals in competitive gaming history with the cryptocurrency operator FTX. The organization announced it would be using the $210 million from the deal to fuel its expansion to other regions.

As TSM FTX becomes an even more formidable powerhouse, it would field more teams in more varied games. TSM FTX’s CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh had personally discussed the growing popularity of mobile esports and the chance of mobile gaming surpassing PC gaming. This heavily implied the organization might be considering venturing further into mobile competitive gaming.

Even if TSM FTX is indeed signing an Indian esports team, it wouldn’t be the first. The organization already fields a PUBG Mobile roster in the country. PUBG Mobile has had some legal issues in India but has recently returned under a new name. Now TSM FTX will be able to re-establish its influence in the Indian PUBG Mobile competitive scene.

TSM FTX will only grow from now on. We are yet to see what heights the organization will reach in the wake of its deal with FTX.

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