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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Streamers will have a new shot at reaching new audiences thanks to Super League Gaming and Trovo
  • Trovo will benefit from Super League Gaming’s Mobcrush tool that enables streamers to reach bigger audiences
  • Super League Gaming is committed to making the future of streaming more sustainable for rank-and-file streamers

Trovo and Super League Gaming have teamed up to provide streamers with a better shot at succeeding in their chosen hobby. 

Streaming Is Becoming Easier with Trovo and Super League 

Super League Gaming has struck a brand-new partnership with Trovo, a streaming service. The deal will focus on Mobcrush, a streaming toolkit owned by Super League Game and used to boost the streaming experience through multicasting options and more. 

Together with Trovo, the solution should allow consumers to create more relevant content, expand to new regions and audiences and even be present on multiple platforms at the same time. Of course, with too many eyeballs focusing on Twitch, achieving recognition is often a hard task for many streaming aficionados. 

Super League Gaming Chief Strategy Officer Mike Wann argued that creators today are constantly on the lookout to add new viewers. Yet, the cut-throat world of streaming is no easy job, and while some make it, others trundle along, regardless of how good their content is.

The Truth behind How Hard Streaming Is 

Getting noticed by Twitch or YouTube may prove a Herculean task unless you find a niche and make it work. Yet, Trovo’s new platform and investments in various creator tools and support are a step in the right direction as Super League’s own mission focuses on helping creators pursue their careers in streaming “with confidence and belief in their future.”

Building a successful channel today takes consistency and dedication, something that in the early days of any channel may be a little dispiriting to content creators who have struggled for a while. Super League is therefore determined to facilitate the process, and often everyone a fair chance.

The addition of intuitive tools, including Mobcrush’s “Sponsored Live Breaks,” offers various ways to engage with new crowds. Super League Gaming already has solid partnerships in place, including with names such as Samsung and Netflix

Streaming is arguably one of the hardest jobs to have in esports, and do it in a sustainable way that provides financial stability is often an insurmountable challenge. Yet, for the hundreds of thousands of aspiring streamers, slim odds are not an issue. 

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