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Published: May 27, 2021

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  • PUBG Mobile creates a brand-new PvE mode part of the Godzilla vs. Kong event 
  • The event is running from May 25 through June 8 and allows players to win brand new rewards
  • PUBG continues to address game issues related to cheating while still ramping up the quality of the content it offers 

Titans: Last Stand is PUBG: Mobile’s first Player versus Environment mode in which players join forces with King Kong and Godzilla to defeat Mechagodzilla. 

Join Godzilla and King Kong in Titans: Last Stand 

PUBG Mobile is entering the Player versus Environment (PvE) ecosystem through an ambitious event called Titans: Last Stand. As the name suggests, the event has magnitude and justly so as it runs as part of the Godzilla vs. Kong initiative announced earlier this year.

Titans: The Last Stand comes along with various rewards for players who can claim parachute skins, battle points, and more, depending on how well a player performs during a match. The event has been available since May 25, so if you have not logged into PUBG Mobile recently, this may be the right time to do so, as you have until June 82021, to enjoy the new showdown. 

Your version of the game needs to be updated to 1.4 so that you can access the new content and participate in an epic battle. Players do not have to fight on their own but rather team up with Godzilla and King Kong, and try their hand at taking down Mechagodzilla, a fearsome enemy that threatens the very existence of the world. 

While players do not take the same central place as the Kaijus, they are essential to the success of the enterprise. Everyone spawns in a drop-ship where you can gear up before you begin your assault designed to support your team, or in this case, Godzilla and King Kong. This comes in the broader context of PUBG: Mobile returning to India.

Creating Quality Content is PUBG’s Modus Operandi 

Fail them, and Mechagodzilla will sooner or later catch up to you. For those who cannot still see Titans: Last Stand in their PUBG: Mobile games, what you need to do is download the pack through your account settings. Go to settings and pick the pack, which should be available to you immediately.

PUBG: Mobile continues to be one of the most significant battle royale genres, with developers releasing a torrent of new content to enjoy. In a recent patch just recently, developers introduced McLaren’s 570s skins

While the game has certainly seen an influx of cheaters and other ill-meaning parties trying to ruin the gameplay experience, PUBG Mobile has been issuing a stern response to wrongdoers, banning them on the spot. Just earlier this week, the game suspended over 1 million accounts, revealing detailed stats about all cheaters and cheats used.  

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