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Published: January 18, 2023

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  • Warzone 2 has a “mythical” hidden SBMM mechanic
  • It allegedly handicaps higher rated players
  • The player community seems divided on the matter

Fans say Warzone 2 makes higher rated players harder to hit enemies and TimTheTatman says he has proof of this phenomenon.

Warzone 2 Has A Hidden Mechanic

Many competitive games have a well-developed Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) system, which allows players to be put up against other players of equal proficiency. There are many ways of calculating a player’s SBMM, often using the player’s score and kills. However, some systems often have strange hidden features that come into play when matching competitors against each other.

Warzone 2 also uses such a system, but for a long time now, fans have been speculating the battle royale has a “shadow feature” they have started calling skill-based hit registration. What players describe it as is the idea that it becomes harder for players to hit enemies with bullets if they’ve racked up several wins in quick succession. 

On the surface one might say this is just a cope of players, making excuses they can’t hit their enemies. However, the speculated shadow mechanic might not be just a myth, as recently well-respected members of the CoD community have spoken out. In particular, TimTheTatman has said he’s got video proof of the phenomenon. 

“I can’t believe what just happened to me in that last gunfight. It’s unreal. I didn’t miss a bullet and he didn’t get hit,” the content creator said in a recent stream. Later on, he analyzed the incident and refused to believe every shot missed, insisting the crosshair was on the enemy’s head. “That is crazy. Something ain’t right. I do have bad aim sometimes, but that ain’t right.”

TimTheTatman Says He Has Proof

The situation bugged the streamer so much that he made a full YouTube video later to discuss the phenomenon. “I have proof there is skill-based, hit-based bullet registration in this game. I didn’t miss a bullet, and nothing hit,” he said. “I can’t believe what happened to me in that gunfight. I do have bad aim sometimes, but that isn’t right.”

Warzone 2’s developers have not said anything about the phenomenon, neither proving nor disproving it. The debates among players continue but it seems TimTheTatman already firmly believes in the SBMM’s hidden mechanic. Meanwhile, his fans seem split – some agreeing with the streamer, while others said it was most likely something else, such as a hitbox issue.

It seems the streamer, however, because of his experience, is a firm believer of Warzone 2’s hidden mechanic, most likely fueled by his dissatisfaction with Warzone 2’s gunplay. Either way, the jury is still out and we will need more evidence to prove or disprove this phenomenon. 

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